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Here is the page for "Hop to it?" One of the many sub-games in Anon....'s 3rd Hunger Games


Kipcha Pryor (Won my 1st Hunger Games, created by Firecatcher3)

The Tributes

Set Male Female
1 Alex Blue (2 in Training) Torrent Wave (4)
2 Neon Nightshade (7) Calypso Gale (6)
3 Qian Shao (12) Lao Xoubui (9)
4 Maxwell Liang (10) Julia Manganese (11)
5 Ssithies Profane (12) Ora Gaffe (12)
6 Cytosine Johnston (11) Adenine Boulvie (9)
7 Tsawwassen Swartz (10) Lyse Kjeragbolten (8)
12 Iron Sword (1) (RS) Going Nowhere (0) (RS)
13 Peter Pensive (2) (RS) Susan Pensive (0) (RS)
14 Edmund Pensive (5) (RS) Lucy Pensive (4) (RS)

The Chariot Ride

Gcgoucv - Copy

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