Here is a page for "Sea of Monsters." One of my many sub-game in Anon....'s 3rd Hunger Games.


Xanthe Peacock (nee White) (One of my made up tributes)

Harriet Elizabeth Rosalind Rosamund Isabelle Nigella Georgina Peacock (One of my made up tributes)

Felicity Faye (Created by Teabot)

Scorpius Flame (Created by Jabberjay78)

The Tributes

Set Male Female
1 Rebel Peacock (5 in Training) (1) Iris Miracle (6) (2)
2 Scorpius Flame (9) (2) MALE VICTOR Blair Lake (10) (5)
3 Konlok Lon (9) (4) Ana Weckern (12) (7)
4 Sand Stormm (10) (5) Seashelle Breeze (8) (7)
5 Donda Grouge (12) (3) Ronda Grouge (12) (7)
6 Salty Sea (9) (3) Ally Deck (4) (4)
7 Sandy Shipwreak (11) (7) Bubbles Foam (9) (3)
8 Moses Clarke (9) (2) Felicity Faye (12) (3) FEMALE VICTOR
9 Trout Gar (9) (5) Michelle Beach (8) (4)
10 Logan Blue (9) (6) Misty Blue (8) (2)
11 Blue Sandshell (12) (4) Coral Stream (9) (6)
12 Artimis Trout (10) (6) Navy Cray. (11) (6)
13 Peter Potter (2) (RS) (1) Alice Cropley (1) (RS) (1)
14 Tommy Jones (1) (RS) (2) Annie Bell (2) (RS) (1)

Italics- Dead

Bold- Careers or Victors

The Chariot Ride

The tributes are sitting on a wave, singing old sea shanty songs. The girls are dressed up as mermaids, and the boys as fishermen. The tributes are quite sad, because they all know each other, and the fact that they have no mentor. The crowd gives them £8000 each.

Day 1- The Bloodbath

Deaths: 8

Tommy- 14th for the boys, 28th Overall- Blown Up

Annie- 14th for the girl, 27th Overall- Stabbed in the throat by Rebel.

Peter- 13th for the boys, 26th Overall- Beheaded by Rebel.

Alice- 13th for the girls, 25th Overall- Stabbed in the heart by Rebel.

Iris- 12th for the girls, 24th Overall- Eaten by the monsters in the Sea.

Moses- 12th for the boys, 23rd Overall- Commited Suicide

Konlak- 11th for the boys, 22nd Overall- Killed by Ally.

Ana- 11th for the girls, 21st Overall- Stabbed by Ronda

Rebel's POV (Island 1)

This is it, the games have begun. I'm standing on a plate, looking at a boy and two there girls. They managed to disband the careers somehow, and I want to know what has happened to the other 24 tributes. I then hear an explosion- a tribute stood off their plate.


That's it, the Games can begin!!!

I immediatly run to the small cornicopa, and I grab a knive, and stab Annie Bell in the throat. Afterwards, I then behead Peter and then stab Alice Cropley in the heart.

I'm the last person on the island.

Scorpius' POV (Island 2)

That Tommy boy died. Good, he was so stupid.

Anyway the gong sounded, and Iris immediatly walked to the water and looked into it. She then jumped into it, and started swimming away.

The screams that followed were not pleasent.

Then the other boy, a guy called Moses, commited suicide, leaving me with Misty.

"Where is my husband?" Misty asked. "LOGAN!!!!!" she then yelled.

"Calm down!" I tell her, "We've got to work together!"

She nods.

Felicity's POV (Island 3)

So, the games have begun, haven't they? Well, I have a idea.

"Salty, Donda and Bubbles!" I yell "Why don't we build a boat? We can then sail to other islands and then kill the tributes for their supplies!"

Everyone nods, and agrees to my plan.

We then start cutting down some trees and I tie some knots- which I learnt to do in training. After a couple of hours and six cannons, we get the job done.

Michelle's POV (Island 4)

After the gong, me, Blue and Ally allied. We then went down and started to hunt Konlok? After killing the biy, us three saw a ship sailing across the ocean- Towards us!!

Immediatly, we all ran away, and we saw the monsters in the ocean.

We stop, a couple of feet away from the water, and turned around. The ship was coming nearer and nearer. I don't want to be on this island when it comes....

Sand's POV (Island 5)

Night time is coming soon. Soon, Death will happen in the dark. The three allies on island 5 shiver in the darkness. There is no food on the island, and no water. If we want food, we have to kill the monsters, if we want water......... we die.

We try to cheer each other up by telling jokes, and singing sons, but unluckly, it fails. We can only think of our oncoming doom- and the fact that some of us will die.

Navy's POV (Island 6)

Uh oh.


Anyway, so I allied with the other tributes, Logan, Artimis and Coral- Then we settled down and prepared to sit this out. Until the ship appeared.

We watch as the ship carries on sailing off, to another island. Maybe there is food there...


They look at me like I'm crazy or somethin.

"Ok." They replied. So we started on our ship.

Ronda's POV (Island 7)


The eighth cannon goes off. I had "Accidently" Killed Ana. The only guy, Sandy is dumbfounded.

"There are two ships" he whisphers. I stare out into the ocean, and sure enough, there are two ships.

"LETS build another!" I yell, so we begin.

Night 1

Deaths- 3

Donda- 10th for the boys, 20th Overall- Rolled into the sea by Felicity and eaten.

Salty- 9th for the boys, 19th Overall- Rolled into the Sea by Felicity and eaten.

Bubbles- 10th for the girls, 18th Overall- Rolled into the sea by Felicity and eaten.

Bubble's POV (Out in the Ocean, near Island 4)

After Felicity offered to take first watch, we all settled down and relaxed. It was going to be a loooooonnnng night before we made it to island 4.

Suddenly I see Felicity rolling Donda off the boat and into the water!!! She is planning on killing us all!! She then goes to Salty and rolls him off as well. Two cannons fire.

Then she goes to me, and before I can do anything, I'm in the water.

My last memory is seeing my heart torn apart by the monsters.

Day 2- The Victors.

Deaths- 16 (Plus two being taken out of the arena and proclaimed victor)

Ally- 9th for the girls, 17th Overall- Beheaded by a cannon ball aimed by Felicity.

Blue- 8th for the boys, 16th Overall- Stabbed himself.

Michelle- 8th for the girls, 15th Overall- Took a suicide pill.

Misty- 7th for the girls- 14th Overall- Stabbed in the throat by Blair.

Blair- 6th for the girls, 13th Overall- Axed by Scorpius.

Sand- 7th for the boys, 12th Overall- Jumped into the water and eaten by monsters to give Trout a chance.

Seashell- 5th for the girls, 11th Overall- Beheaded by Felicity.

Coral- 4th for the girls, 10th Overall- Stabbed eye on tip of cornicopa and bled to death.

Ronda- 3rd for the girls, 9th Overall- Fell into the water and eaten by monsters

Trout- 6th for the boys, 8th Overall- Arrow in head, shot by Sandy.

Sandy- 5th for the boys, 7th Overall- Fell into the water and eaten by monsters.

Rebel- 4th for the boys, 6th Overall, Sword in head thrown by Logan

Navy- 2nd for the girls, 5th Overall, Sword in heart thrown by Rebel

Felicity- 1st for the girls, 4th Overall, Taken out of arena and proclamied Victor.

Logan, 3rd for the boys, 3rd Overall- Stabbed himself.

Artimis- 2nd for the boys, 2nd Overall- Beheaded by Scorpius.

Scorpius- 1st for the boys, 1st Overall, Taken out of the arena and proclaimed victor.

Felicity's POV

I wake up feeling guilty. I just killed three kids.

Anyway, the announcer has finally done his job and announced something.

"Hello tributes! It's me having a lovely cuppa!! Anyway there is a couple of new twists that I'm introducing. Call them Ceaser's Twists! Firstly, we have built a new island with water and food on it, but to get there you have to build a boat! Secondly, if you don't build a boat, you die. Thirdly, we're sending you all a free gift! That is the Ceaser's twists! Thank you for listening!"

A silver parachute flies down, and I open it. Sweet! A lovely cannon! I'll attach it to my ship and I'll blow the other ships out of the water!

Michelle's POV

After a night on our desert island, we heard Ceaser talking about his so called "Twists!" Honestly, How do we build a boat.

Three silver parachutes landed at our feet. Mine contained a suicide pill. Why do I need one of those anyway? Just then- A cannon ball soared towards us and took off Ally's head.

Then Blue saw that we were going to die, and beause he was scared, he comitted suicide by stabbing himself in the throat.

Then I ate my suicide pill.......

Blair's POV

Where is he? Scorpius? I can't find him.

Anyway, during the night, I built myself a boat!!!

I'm sailing around, looking for him, so I can have him on my boat.

Suddenly, I saw him with ANOTHER GIRL. In rage, I stabbed her with my trident. Scorpius looked at me and smiled.

"Thanks for the boat." Then he threw an axe at my chest.

Sand's POV

Blair left us in the night. Built her own boat, but she used up all of the trees- We can't build a boat!

Then I decide to tell Trout.

"Trout. I am going to swim in the water. I know'll that I'll die, but I'm giving you a chance to win."

He gasps, and before he can reply, I jump into the water.

Harriet's POV (A Mentor)

Mum sits down at the computer screen looking shocked. The deaths so far...... We are not used to people dying to save others. Mostly the Games are about surviving, not sacrificing yourself for people you don't know.

That's the new problem with the Games- people are dying for each other. Look in District 2- the boy jumping in front of Dare's sword to save his ally. At this rate, the Capitol citizens are going to get bored.

"We have another death." Mum mutters to herself. One of the girls is beheaded by Felicity's sword.

Xanthe's POV (A Mentor)

After Seashell's death, two more girls died. The first was Coral, who accidently stabbed her eye on the tip of the cornicopa and bled to death. That death will haunt me in my nightmares, Then Ronda fell off her boat and was turned into Monster munchies.

So the last two girls, Felicity and Navy are going to battle it out for survival and victory- but my bets go on the former, because she has killed so many people......

The boys have not died as quickly. There are still 5 or 6 left? My bets are on Scorpius, he is the only one well prepared.

Sandy's POV

Man! Sweet! I finally got a sponser gift- 2 lightweight tridents. Ronda is dead though. That is so sad. Loads of cannons are going off- it is one every minute.

I see a boy alone on an island- easy kill! I jump of the ship and hit the shore, I do a foward roll and shoot an arrow in his head. His cannon goes off.

I then try to jump back onto the boat- but I miss the edge of the boat by two centimetres and I fall into the water.

Navy's POV

My sponser finally decides to show me a gift of a trident- and perfect timing. It is the final two girls here!!!! My ship has made contact with a lonely boy on an island. He sees up and he throws his sword on me. It lands in my heart- and then Logan throws another sword and hits the boy on the head.

By then- I am at death's door. She has won. Bye bye, cruel world.

Artimis' POV

"Hello, it is Ceaser again! Enjoying hot chocolate! Felicity won the games for the females- and seeing as we want blood, we are going to move you to island 8, no ships to escape or anything. We want you to fight to the death."

Then a helicopter picks me up, and then lands me on Island 8. The first death to happen is Logan, who stabs himself, so that he can be with Misty.

The battle between me and Scorpius ends really quickly- with my death.


Felicity Faye (Created by Teabot)

Scorpius Flame (Created by Jabberjay78)

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