Tributes from a guy who lives in Infamy. i will only do Districts


District 1

Danny Matiny

Age: 18

Weapon: Snare, and Dagger

Token: a picture of his family

Backstory: Growing up with a family of 5 boys was always hard for Danny but he trained hard and was the first born. All of his other brothers were too young to train. But one of is brothers Samual was 12 years old but he wasn't ready to train. Danny made his brother train and by the time danny was 18 his brother was just like him and Sam know that Danny would vollenteer this year.

Mandy Vangerhoff

Age: 18

Token: A shark tooth that was passed down generation when her grandmother was in love with Finnick.

Backstory: Mandy always had a hard time in school. She was smarter then everyone else and had one good friend Danny Matiny. He had always been nice to her. He first kiss was with him and she had a cruse on him forever. She know everything about him. She met his family and loved them too. She know that day in danny didn't love her back like she did him. So as a way to tell him she vollenteered.

District 2

Shawn Barco

Age: 17

Token: a sliver Coin

Backstory: Whhat to say about Shawn that hasn't been said. Shawn is the stongest guy in district 2 well after his father a victor of the games. Shawn was always pushed and has always been a tough person. Every girl was in love with him but he only wanted one girl Gana Fantily. He was never one to have friends but when he saw that Gana didn't want him he wondered why and he's wanted to know since.

Nikkie Landor

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