78: A Hunger Games Trilogy, is a trilogy formed by Jabberjay78's first three games on the Hunger Games Wiki. The 47th Hunger Games (now refered to as the 77th Hunger Games), The 78th Hunger Games, and The 79th Hunger Games. The victors of this trilogy are Albany York, Whimzi Electrelle, and Sonny Raine.


The 77th Games

The 78th Games

The 79th Games


The 47th Games

District Male Tribute Female Tribute Creator
One Tevinh Valdez Natalie Campbell Tevinh
Two Oscar Du Winter Ursula Shrapnel Anon...
Three Otis Crank Pippa Hartstrong ScHaRyPeArL
Four Akouke Awe Hail Monei Fantasyfilm99
Five Qian Shao Lao Xoubui Fantasyfilm99
Six Albany York Cobalt Tungsten InsertRandomnessHere
Seven Dimitree Haskot Byrdy Crush ScHaRyPeArL
Eight Xavier Thread Georgina Greenwood Anon...
Nine Vector LaGuardia

prachi petal

Tiki Tooki
Ten Talon Faust Kedzie Woods Firecatcher3
Eleven Galigan Mazerapi Rhea Marine Tiki Tooki
Twelve Kartan Smeeze Luca Straight Fallen Angell

The 78th Games

District Male User Female User
One Ilon Chesron Fantasyfilm99 Chic Bucci Tommyboy97
Two Sliver Alden Tommyboy97 Nyenth Sane Fantasyfilm99
Three Digit Starr Anon... Whimzi Electrelle IWantSeddie2Happen98769
Four Blue Sandshell Tommyboy97 Aquamarine Summerton Brony12
Five Lelt Dregg Julian Espinoza Jenna Lavender Leshawna333
Six Nomin Dregg Julian Espinoza Ann All Mikhail101
Seven Aydan Monarcha Tiki Tooki Primrose Axe EffieLuna
Eight Mhoss Fleete Tiki Tooki Amethyst Bane Tommyboy97
Nine Max Goldenhart Mikhail101 Nike O'Hare Tiki Tooki
Ten Zed Sypol Fantasyfilm99 Lilia Howard IWantSeddie2Happen98769
Eleven Uniform Strut EffieLuna Claire Heart Anon...
Twelve Chris Humperdink EffieLuna Quinna Archipelago Tiki Tooki
Thirteen Victor Addams Anon... Kylie Dinett Fantasyfilm99

The 79th Games

District Male Female Creator
One Easton Lee Tinsley Cape Mockingfire
Two Rovil Lariste Sarona Merion TotalDramaRox97
Three Loxie Wheel Douglas Head K.V.T
Four Surf Blue Nikki Quahog EffieLuna
Five Thorn Blaze Emma Rice Nate777
Six Lucifer Shadows Cho Abiko Tommyboy97
Seven Sonny Raine Violet Oak Leshawna333
Eight Gimili Laurson Seiko Nox Fantasyfilm99
Nine Fredrick Thorton Willow Thorne Anon....
Ten Tsawwassen Swartz Lyse Kjeragbolten Tiki tooki
Eleven Kyler Quist Peppa Ranoch Firecatcher3
Twelve Rick Patterson Velma Ready Brony12

The Victors and Mentors

Albany York
Albany at 14

Albany as a victor

was the victor of the 77th Hunger Games. He was created by InsertRandomnessHere. Albany was twelve when he won the games and he was a District 6 tribute. During his games, he allied with Kedzi Woods but she died in the games. He won by killing Natalie Campbell and watching Hail Monei from a stab wound. At the timeline of the 79th Games, he is fourteen and is in a relationship with Whimzi Electrelle. He resides in District 13 now, having left to engage in a grand rebellion against the Capitol.

Whimzi Electrelle was
Whimzi at 14

Whimzi as a Victor

the victor of the 78th Hunger Games. She was created by IWantSeddie2Happen98769. Whimzi was thirteen when she won the games and she was a District 3 tribute. During her games she attempted to rebel against the Capitol by ordering a cease-fire along with the other tributes. She also fell in love with Max Goldenhart, however he died saving her. At the timeline of the 79th Games, she is fourteen and is in a relationship with Albany York. She faked her death the day that she moved to Victor's Village and she fled to District 13, ready to engage in a grand rebellion against the Capitol.

Scorpius Flame is

Scorpius as a mentor

one of Jabberjay78's tributes. Although he has yet to win an actual games, he is said to be the victor of the 76th Games for the purposes of this story. He is the District 4 mentor and part of the rebellion ignited against the Capitol. He is friends with Albany and Whimzi and they worry for his safety while he is in the Capitol. In the games he won, he had to watch as the girl he loved died and then used his fury to kill the remaining tribute. He won when he was 14 and now is 17.

Star Sun
Star at 17

Star as a mentor

is one of Jabberjay78's tributes. She is a victor from District 4, having won Tommyboy97's 1st Games, however for the purposes of this story, she is said to be the victor of the 75th Games. She won when she was 13 years old and is now 17. Star didn't like Scorpius too much at first, but they are now on friendly terms. She doesn't have much interaction with Albany and Whimzi due to being so shy. Star is part of the rebellion against the Capitol.

Many other victors, including Tree Summer and Apollo Silvermoon, will make appearances during the final games. However, all previous victors owned by Hunger Games Wiki users will survive.

78: A Hunger Games Trilogy
Games The 47th Hunger GamesThe 78th Hunger GamesThe 79th Hunger Games
Victors Albany York • Whimzi Electrelle • Sonny Raine
The 77th Games Tevinh Valdez • Natalie Campbell • Oscar Du WinterUrsula Shrapnel • Otis Crank • Pippa Hartstrong • Akouke AweHail MoneiQuian ShaoLao Xoubui • Albany York • Cobalt Tungsten • Dimitree Haskot • Byrdy Crush • Xavier ThreadGeorgina GreenwoodVector LaGuardiaNike O'Hare • Talon Faust • Kedzie Woods • Galigan MazerapiRhea Marine • Kartan Smeeze • Luca Straight
The 78th Games Ilon ChesronChic Bucci • Sliver Alden • Nyenth SaneDigit Starr • Whimzi Electrelle • Blue Sandshell • Aquamarine SummertonLelt Dregg • Jenna Lavender • Nomin Dregg • Ann All • Aydan Monarcha • Primrose Axe • Mhoss FleeteAmethyst Bane • Max Goldenhart • Nike O'HareZed Sypol • Lilia Howard • Uniform Strut • Claire Heart • Chris Humperdink • Quinna ArchipelagoVictor AddamsKylie Dinett
The 79th Games Easton Lee • Tinsley Cape • Rovil Lariste • Sarona Merion • Loxie Wheel • Douglas Head • Surf BlueNikki Quahog • Thorn Blaze • Emma Rice • Lucifer Shadows • Cho Abiko • Sonny Raine • Violet Oak • Gimli LaursonSeiko NoxFredrick ThortonWillow ThorneTsawwassen SwartzLyse Kjeragbolten • Kyler Quist • Peppa Ranoch • Rick Patterson • Velma Ready
Other Scorpius FlameStar SunTree Summer

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