The 84th Hunger Games

Thank you to all the people who submitted tributes to me! I will try to make this Games amazing! Ruthlesskiller457 23:16, September 15, 2011 (UTC)Ruthless

"May the odds be ever in your favor!" ~Effie Trinket

District 1: Gems and Luxury Goods for the Capitol

Boy: Jett Kale, age 18, by me

Girl: Ruby Iston, age 13, by me

District 2: Peacekeepers, Stone Mining

Boy: Skar Skull, age 17, by Jabberjay78

Girl: Rose Thorn, age 17, by Jabberjay78

District 3: Electronics

Boy: Reico Anyaras, age 12, by me

Girl: Dhera Renon, age 15, by me

District 4: Fishing

Boy: Rebel Peacock, age 18 by Anon

Girl: Xanthe White, age 17, by Anon

District 5: Power and Electricity

Boy: Seniel Farron, age 13, by me

Girl: Mei Long, age 14, by me, VICTOR!!!!!

District 6: Transportation

Boy: Dessloch Timmester, age 16, by me

Girl: Sevila Johnson, age 15, by me

District 7: Lumber

Boy: Spruce Woods, age 18, by me

Girl: Pine Sinter, age 15, by me

District 8: Textiles

Boy:Cocoa Cream, age 14, by Jabberjay78

Girl: Vanilla Cream, age 16, by Jabberjay78

District 9: Grain

Boy: Rowan Clemments, age 17, by me

Girl: Sorrell Oak, age 16, by me

District 10: Livestock

Boy: Buck Matthews, age 17, by me

Girl: Azalea Matthews, age 14, by me

District 11: Agriculture

Boy: Robin Miller, age 15, By Anon

Girl: Jay Sparrow, age 17, By Anon

District 12: Coal Mining

Boy: Blade Green, age 18, by me

Girl: Maple Willow, age 12, by me

Tributes and Training Scores

Tributes/Training Scores
District 1 Jett Kale, score: 9 Ruby Iston, score: 10 User: me 2 Skar Skull, score: 10 Rose Thorn, score: 6 user: Jabberjay78
3 Reico Anyaras, score: 3 Dhera Renon, score: 9 user: me
4 Rebel Peacock, score: 8 Xanthe White, score: 9 User: Anon

Seniel Ferron score: 2

Mei Long, score: 10 User: me
6 Dessloch Teron, score 10 Sevila Johnson, score 11 User: me
7 Spruce Woods, score: 9 Pine Sinter, score 6 User: me
8 Cocoa Cream, score 7 Vanilla Cream, score 6 User: Jabberjay78
9 Rowan Clemments, score 8 Sorrell Oak, score 10 User: me
10 Buck Matthews, score 10 Azalea Matthews, score 7 User: me
11 Robin Miller, score 8 Jay Sparrow, score 6 User: Anon
12 Blaze Greenson, score 5 Maple Willow, score 9 User: me

Chariot Rides

District 1: Jett and Ruby's chariot is pulled by a horse dyed blue with its skin and mane inlaid with jewels. Their chariot is sparkling. They are clothed in simple, shimmering nightclothes, but the clothes become stiff and start to glow with an array of gemstones. There are a few claps and cheers, but overall, the crowd is not impressed. Rating: 3/10

District 2: Skar and Rose's chariot looks as if it's made of stone. They wear a dress and suit that appear to be stone with ivy growing on them. Suddenly it explodes and they are dressed like Peacekeepers. The Capitol is happy to have an improvement on District 1's suckish attempt, although its still not that great. Rating: 5/10

District 3: Reico and Dhera's chariot gives off a soft glow, like the electronics that their District produces. They are wearing clothes inlaid with T.V. screens, and using remotes, they alternate between shots of them and the crowd. Then they pull out fake guns, and with a loud boom, the crowd is showered with confetti. The crowd loves it. Rating: 8/10

District 4: Xanthe and Rebel are dressed in matching outfits. There is a see-through layer, filled with water and has actual fish swimming about freely. The crowd goes nuts. Rating: 10/10

District 5: District 5 comes in wearing grotesque costumes consisting of frog eyes, bird wings, and snail shells. The Capitol is utterly grossed out. Rating:1/10

District 6: Their chariot is pulled by horses and the chariot looks like a surgery gurney. They are dressed in doctors robes, one holding a syringe, the other lying on the gurney. When the girl "cuts" the boy, fake blood sprays and showers the crowd. Rating: 7/10

District 7: Pine and Spruce come out in the classic tree and lumberjack set. Nothing to see here. Rating: 0/10

District 8: They come out on their chariot wrapped in simple rugs. It's not that great, but it's different, so the crowd gives some support. Rating: 6/10

District 9 comes out dressed in various animal skins, holding fake bows. The crowd is bored until they see the cages with birds in them. Rating: 5/10

District 10 is wearing chicken outfits that eventually bursts into flames, eventually revealing cooked chicken suits. The fat Capitol people go crazy and scream that they want to eat the tributes. Rating: 10/10

District 11: Jay and Robin come out wearing outfits made of interwoven leaves, pansies, wheat. Not much different. 7/10

District 12: Maple and Blaze are wearing coal stove outfits. Suddenly the middle of the outfits appear to be burning like coal. Rating: 7/10

(sorry some of the outfits are suckish. A lot of other of my ideas were taken by people.)



The tributes rise up in the middle of a parking lot. The Cornucopia sits atop a shopping mall of about 3 stories, to the left there are streets with small neighborhoods and to the right, a small apartment complex.


Fangsh: A brilliant freshwater fish about as big as a hawk. When provoked, it will turn from green to red, sprout legs, chase down its attacker, and clamp down on their throat with its 5 inch fangs.

Rafflesia: A rather rare muttation that when walked near, shoots a tangle of thorny vines to entangle and cut the enemy. It then eats them with its huge, spiked mouth.

Rattler: A cobra/rattlesnake muttation that's rattle entices tributes, only to bite them with a venom that corrodes flesh that turns them into a leaky hunk of meat.


A chihuahua mutt that although tiny and extremely cute, is capable of shredding a face.

Falcoid: A peregrine falcon mutt with barbed, poisonous talons and a beak with fangs. It has a scorpion tail.

Arathnid: A spider mutt that shoots webs at tributes and then sucks out their insides.

(Note: some mutts will not be seen in these Games)


Day 1: Summary: The gong rings and the tributes head for the Cornucopia. Many are already aware of the arena, but some still stand on their plates, bewildered as to where they'll go, in such a big complex. When Seniel Farron snags a pair of bolas, he struggles to find a target. Finally, he sees Ruby Iston and is prepared to throw them when her knife comes toward him. It hits his left hand, and he falls over the edge, making a sickening impact with the parking lot. Meanwhile, Spruce and Jay decide to make an alliance. Sevila from District 6 watches as Dessloch, her own District partner, charges at her with a knife. She stares at him in disbelief, then lashes out as her sword finds a home in his face. After that, Pine Sinter sends an arrow into Sorrell Oak's head. She falls to the ground with a scream, and a fountain of blood pours from her mouth. 3 cannons fire as the rest of the tributes retreat. Must be a new record.

Ruby's POV: "I hear the gong ring and without thinking I immediately start running towards the Cornucopia. I find Jett and we both grab a few knives. As I look around, I see my first target, the boy from District 5 I think, as he sits on the edge of the roof. He has his bolas trained on me. As they fly, I side step and send my knife whistling towards his head. I instantly know that it won't hit, that it's flying too low. As it hits his hand, he screams and just has time to jerk his hand up before he falls over the side and makes contact with the ground 50 feet below him."

Spruce's POV: "Where to go, what to do. If I'm not careful with where I go, I'll end up with an arrow in my brain. Make the wrong alliance, and I'll be killed in my sleep. Suddenly I see a beautiful, stunning girl, I believe her name's Jay, run into view. I can tell by the way that her outfit is stained with blood that she has had some decent kills. Or at least fights. She could work. Maybe I could pull the lover trick with her, but didn't the Capitol see enough of that with Katniss and what's-his-face- er, Peeta in the 74th Games? I work up the courage and I go to see her just as she brings the sword down hard. It lands in the ground next to me. She tries to pick it up, but I pin the blade down. "Allies?" I ask. She nods her head in agreement. We silently head off to the street next to us."


Seniel Farron, District 5, killed by Ruby Iston

Dessloch Timmester, District 6, killed by Sevila Johnson

Sorrell Oak, district 9, killed by Pine Sinter

Day 2

Summary: As Pine runs through the house looking for a place to hide, she is frightened when she comes face to face with Skar, from District 2. She is about to jam her axe into his chest when he grabs her arm forcefully.

"Allies?" he asks. She is taken aback by this request. Team up with a Career? No one from District 7 has ever done such a foolish thing. Knowing it is a death sentence, she is cautious. But then again, she has been acting like a Career... "Ok." she says without thinking. "But I swear, if you turn on me, I'll shove my ax so far down your throat it will come out your-"

"Deal!" Skar cuts her off. At least this could offer some means of survival.______________________________

As Mei walks through the mall, she is elated to find a food store. She fills her sack to the brim. But she is startled when she sees 3 Career tributes encircle her. 2 guys and one muscular looking girl. She goes after the smaller male. She recognizes him as Reico, from District 3. She is on top of him, hacking away at his face in no time. She stares at the shredded mess that was once Reico Anyaras. For good measure, she kicks his head, spattering her face with blood as his cannon fires. Just as the girl Career launches at her, Mei jumps on her back. This is the advantage of being small, she thinks. She repeatedly shoves the wicked sai into the girls neck, then jabs her in the temple. She then gives the last Career 5 seconds to run away. It takes him 3 seconds to process what has just happened and turn on heel, but Mei says teasingly, "Time's up!" and with a sickening sound, her sai finds his back. He slinks to the ground, his cannon fires. Then the girl's cannon. Within minutes, she has stripped them of their packs and leaves them for the Capitol to retrieve.___________________________ Meanwhile, Spruce and Jay walk along the street. "It's getting dark out, Jay. We better find a spot to sleep." They walk into the apartment complex, only to see a dog, certainly one of the Capitol's mutts. "It's soo cute! Jay whispers. As she goes to touch it, it bites her hand, severing her ring finger. Jay yelps in pain as a waterfall of blood falls on the ground for the dog to lap up. Suddenly, its eyes turn red and they run for their lives. "Spruce! Spruce, up here!" Jay calls frantically. She grabs Spruce's hand and pulls him up to the roof. She throws a rock, putting a dent in the awful mutt's face. It falls dead. "Well, I guess we'll be up here tonight. The Gamemakers have sure made it easy on us so far...."____________________________________________________________

Ruby is jolted awake by a scream. "Jett?" she says. "Jett?!" Another shriek of pain confirms what she had already knew. Someone got Jett. She runs toward him, just as the katar enters his throat. Speechless, she stares into the face of Rowan Clemments. Without a word, she jams her ballistic knife into his arm. He tries splitting the katar and throwing it at her, but she jumps backward and shoots him in the eye with the knife. His cannon fires. She looks at Jett with wide eyes. He is a bloody mess, and the blade had previously went into his calf and his chest. "I'm sorry Jett," she says as she says as she throws her knife into his head. As his cannon fires, she gives him a long kiss on his cold, bloody, lifeless lips, brushes his hair back, and takes his pack and token. "He would want me to have these." she says with sadness. She clears out, hardened with a new resolve. To win for Jett. As she looks up, she sees six faces in the sky._________________

Rebel looks around for Xanthe, but she is nowhere to be found. He remembers her, the night of the interview, when he remembers where she is. She gave him a vague hint. "I'll be where your favorite color is, in the place that bears your favorite number." She must not have wanted to give herself away. Then he remembers. She must be at Celadon Street, house number 583! As he heads there, he hears a beautiful sound. It's really not that beautiful, but he follows it before he can think. He feels a sharp pain and winces as the fangs enter his arm. He starts to scream and bleed and scream even louder. His cannon fires as he turns to a dripping peice of meat on the ground. The last thought going through his head before he dies is, Make the Capitol pay, Xanthe! Then everything went black.


Reico Anyaras, District 3, killed by Mei Long

Rose Thorn, District 2, killed by Mei Long

Cocoa Cream, District 8, killed by Mei Long

Rowan Clemments, District 9, killed by Ruby Iston

Jett Kale, District 1, killed by Rowan Clemments/ Ruby Iston

Rebel Peacock, District 4, killed by mutt

Day 3

Vanilla went walking. She couldn't believe that her brother was killed. She would hunt that freak from District 5 and rip her throat out. She didn't care who she killed, as long as she got in on the fun. She would give her a slow, torturous death. It was no easy feat, but, what choice did she have? She kept walking, taking one last look at her token, a picture of Cocoa, to strengthen her, then set off in the direction of the mall. She came upon the elevator and decided she would wait in there. Maybe if the girl walked in, she could kill her there. But, there is no guarantee that the sly girl would even show up. Just as the elevator reached the third floor, the doors opened and Mei sent a knife flying in her direction. It hit the button labeled "Instant Death" and the elevator went crashing to the ground floor. But, something else remarkable happened. Vanilla crawled out,hurt but not dead, and ran away_________________________________________________________________________________-_______

Azalea looks at her brother in admiration for his willingness to keep her alive. "So, Buck, where should we sleep?" "I don't know, Azalea, but we better stop somewhere. She sees Blade Green, from District 12. She distinguishes him as no threat.________________________________________________________________

Blade watches as his axe buries itself in Azalea's stomach. In the time it takes for Buck to react, the knife enters his skull. As Buck's cannon fires, Blade regrets what he did. He stares at the whimpering, bleeding, dying girl next to him, and he knows there's no going back. It's kill or be killed out here. He retrieves his knife from Buck's head, who now stares into oblivion. He is somewhat startled when Azalea's cannon fires, and suddenly he starts to weep. He has a strange feeling brew inside of him. A mixture really, of hatred for the Capitol. Of sadness for the girl whose family he ruined, as well of taking her life. She could've done so much if it weren't for him. Suddenly, he charges at the nearest living thing. What he doesn't know is that he's headed right in to Maple's trap._______________________________________________________________________

Maple responds to the screaming and instantly, she chucks her spear into his eye. As he makes agonizing sounds, she immediately runs to him, overcome with grief. As she looks at what was once her District partner, she stops only to scream obscenities and foul words at the Capitol, and then in a final act of defiance, laughs teasingly and then cuts her stomach wide open. She has only time to watch her guts spill out and scream at the most blood-curdling rate she can imagine, her world turns to blackness. There are 4 faces in the sky tonight. That's it. Only a name and number, and then all trace of them vanishes from reality.

Deaths Today

Buck Matthews, District 10, killed by Blade Green

Azalea Matthews, District 10, killed by Blade Green

Blade Green, District 12, killed by Maple Willow

Maple Willow, District 12, killed by self

Day 4

Jay's POV: Surely, the Capitol must be getting bored. I mean, there hasn't been any real action since yesterday when that poor Maple girl cut herself open. I can only wonder what it will be to drive us together. That's when I hear Jayda Cuthumber, the Head Gamemaker, call us to a feast. Of course. Spruce will still be asleep. Maybe I can slip off and get the food and maybe a few items, and get back when I suddenly hear him wake. "Wha- where are you going, Jay?" he asks me. I tell him about the feast. "You're too young to go. You could be really hurt." "Well, I know you like me and everything, but I can't keep both of us alive much longer, and I... I- I guess I'm severing the alliance. I don't want it to come down to us." I say as I plant a kiss on his cracked, warm lips. I guess this fills him with rage, because he comes toward me and my arrow finds a home in his left lung. He gasps like a fish out of water, and all I can say is "I love you too Spruce." And I walk away as his cannon fires.

Pine's POV: Oh great, more idiots to contend with. Ya know, there's been a lot of conspiracy in the arena today and I can only wonder if Skar is going to try to kill me. He is a Career, after all. Maybe I never should have teamed up with him. His tan skin reminds me of home, which makes me want to kill him even more. So, I walk up to him, sit next to him, and gently slide my knife into his neck. He ceases breathing, and I know that he must have been in a dream that he will never wake up from. I hear a cannon boom and know it must be his. As I get to the feast, I immediately see that there's more than I can handle. All 8 have showed up for the feast and this will be almost like the bloodbath. I dash in and grab a loaf of bread, from District 11, shaped like a crescent. I am alerted by footsteps that Ruby is moving in too close for comfort. I launch my spear and it finds her calf. It's not a death blow, but when my axe handle hits her head, I know she's done.

Dhera's POV: Come to think of it, there's only one person who I haven't seen since the Games began. That's Robin Miller. But, as if I've jinxed myself, he materializes along with Jay Sparrow and Pine. I grabbed quite a few arrows at the Cornucopia, but I've lost most of them fighting mutts or other tributes. I easily take out Robin, and, with a strong resolve, I manage to cut Jay along her arm. I know she will bleed to death and she's useless, so I head to Pine. I've pinned her down, when she jams her finger into my eye. I jerk back, almost blinded, when I shoot a respectable loogie into her eyes. "AAAAAGH! YOU LITTLE BRAT!" she screams as she throws her knife. I sidestep it and it buries itself in Xanthe White's back. She immediately slinks and falters to the ground, only to snap Sevila Johnson's neck while falling down. Then, I jam an awl into her forehead repeatedly, and then scoop her eyes out, licking the awl clean hoping to get a sponsor or something. There are no cannons since so many will die here.

Vanilla's POV: Well, that dumb District 3 girl took all of the food. And suddenly, I see her. She's come face to face with that a-hole Mei Long. In no time, Mei has cut her throat, and shredded her chest. There are awful screams emanating from Dhera's cut open throat, and Mei laughs hysterically before elbowing Dhera's nose into her brain. Dhera's cannon fires. Bummer.

Final Battle

Vanilla comes face to face with Mei. "Bring it!" Vanilla says. Mei shouts, "The Capitol expects a show, well, they'll get one!"

Vanilla just has time to dodge when Mei comes flying past her with a sword. Vanilla tosses an axe, but it misses. Mei comes by and lands on Vanilla, and with a sickening pop, her eye flies out of socket. She then pins down Vanilla's other arm while slowly, one by one, she cuts off Vanilla's fingers. With one last laugh, Mei jams her fist down Vanilla's throat, and with a grab and twist of the fist, Vanilla lies dead on the ground with her esophagus lying on the ground next to her. The trumpets blast as Mei screams at the top of her lungs, and the ladder drops down to take Mei to the Capitol.


24th: Seniel Farron, District 5, killed by Ruby Iston

23rd: Dessloch Timmester, District 6, Killed by Sevila Johnson

22nd: Sorrel Oak, District 9, killed by Pine Sinter

21st: Reico Anyaras, District 3, killed by Mei Long

20th: Rose Thorn, District 2, killed by Mei Long

19th: Cocoa Cream, District 8, killed by Mei Long

18: Rowan Clemments, District 9, killed by Ruby Iston

17: Jett Kale, District 1, killed by Rowan Clemments/Ruby Iston

16: Rebel Peacock, District 4, killed by mutt

15: Buck Matthews, District 10, Killed by Blade Green

14: Azalea Matthews, District 10, killed by Blade Green

13: Blade Green, District 12, killed by Maple Willow

12: Maple Willow, District 12, killed by suicide

11: Spruce Woods, District 7, killed by Jay Sparrow

10: Skar Skull, District 2, killed by Pine Sinter

9: Ruby Iston, District 1, Killed by Pine Sinter

8: Robin Miller, District 11, killed by Dhera Renon

7: Jay Sparrow, District 11, killed by Dhera Renon

6: Xanthe White, District 4, killed by Pine Sinter

5: Sevila Johnson, District 6, killed by Xanthe White

4: Pine Sinter, District 7, killed by Dhera Renon

3: Dhera Renon, District 3, killed by Mei Long

2: Vanilla Cream, District 8, killed by Mei Long

1: Mei Long,District 5, VICTOR!

I just wanted to thank everyone who helped and supported me in these Games. I am looking forward to more.


Ruthlesskiller457 04:31, September 17, 2011 (UTC)Ruthlesskiller457

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