Belongs to fudjecicle . She is a career tribute from Texas in the American Hunger Games

Aleta Empasis-14 years old

Skills- She can lassoe anything. an expert trappist and has great climbing abilities. Has vast knowlege of what plants can or cannot kill you. Anything you need to get done on a farm, she's your girl.

Weaknesses- To any kind of verbal bullying of the sort- though she can set the most intricate of traps, she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer .

Strategy- She can climb up in a tree and live there for days. Unless, of course, she falls out of them. She puts her lassoeing skills to good use- she ties 'em up so strong that they lose blood flow and die.

Personality- The biggest Redneck hick out there. Very ditzy, awful grammar and is very loyal.

Appearance- Blonde, her hands are always dirty, usually seen sporting overalls and/or checkered shirt, wears waaay to much makeup. never wears shoes.

History- Being from a career state, you'd think she'd been training all her life for the moment she was reaped. But she actually lived on a small plot with her large family- 8 brothers and sisters. She worked on her farm and struggled to make a living off of what she had. The reaping came as a huge shock when no one volunteered to take her place.

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