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Alice Piper


Alice Piper has never left the 3rd district (Technology) in all her fourteen years.

Skills: Living in the 3rd district has left Alice with a huge store of knowledge on all things technical. She is brilliant and resourceful and very independent. Very skilled with knives (throwing or otherwise) and swords. She is very agile and nimble.

Weaknesses: Alice is not physically strong. In fact, she is almost weak. She doesn't speak much and is not good at making strong allies.

Strategy: Alice plans to hide away until the rest of the tributes kill themselves, then she'll jump in at the last moment.

Personality: Quiet, and clever. Strong personality and motherly tendencies; her mother wasn't around to take care of her family.

Appearence: Alice is very pale, she has dark hair and pale grey eyes. She is attractive, but no one would ever like her because she is simply too creepy.

History: Alice spent all her time inside District 3's public library, reading books that have prepared her for the "Games." Her mother left her family when she was very young, and she has lived with her father and her seven year old twin brothers ever since.

Games (scores)

Best Position:

Worst Position

Best Training Score: 11 in Anon....'s "District 3 Hunger Games"

Worst Training Score: 7 in moviepopcorn123's "American Hunger Games"

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