Alice Wonder
District Eleven - Alice Wonder
District Eleven Tribute






District Eleven

Choice Weapon

Bow and Arrows

Best Ranking

Average Training Score

Alice Wonder is a tribute owned by Kenzen11. She is from District Eleven. Her district partner was Lion Coy, before he became a victor, her new district partner is Griffin Linx .


  • Skills:Hiding, Camouflage, Good Healer, Good Aim with a Bow, Lying, Smart, Agile
  • Weapons:Bow and Arrows, Knife, Mud
  • Strategy:Stay Alive, Don't be Stupid.
  • Weaknesses:Shy, Doesn't Like blood (can stand it a little), Bad Swimmer
  • Token:A locket with her familys picture in it.
  • Volunteered or Reaped:Reaped
  • History:Alice is very shy and calm, even some of the most dramatic situations she can stay calm, she is a great lier though isnt proud of it, Alice may be young but is smart, tough and considers herself a a ye old ninja. Mother is a healer, Father is a Harvestman and secretly a weapon maker, Older sister is on the capitols payroll as a call girl (forced of course).


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