Alita Oakley is a tribute made my HeavyRotation who resides in District 7.

Her district partner is Drake McLeaf.


Alita is 12 years old. She is exceedingly beautiful. Her hair is black and wavy and she has blue, alluring eyes. She
wears a green hoodie and a white polo shirt, complete with a tie. She wears a knee high dark navy blue skirt, and black socks with ankle high white socks.

Weapons, Skills, and Weaknesses


She's especially skilled with the axe, since she works in the deep woods of District 7.


She's good at throwing axes, and she can also captivate boys. A lot.


She doesn't like to kill animals.



Alita is a shy, innocent girl, however, when she walks around the block, she ends up getting 100 engagement requests. She has turned down all of them.


Alita's former name was Ivy Pine. She was a normal girl, until the age of three. She wandered too far from her house, and to the edge of the district, where she encountered a witch. The witch put her under a Beauty Curse, giving her a new name Alita Oakley. Her appearance changed, and her beauty levels have rocketed up to the sky. And she was only 3. Alita was forced to work for the witch ever since, but she considered the witch her only family, since she forgot about her old name and her old family.. When she was 7, the witch was sick, so she was sent to the square to buy some ingredients for the witch's new potion, the Love Potion. The boys lined up to practically attempt to get her engaged, but the witch put her under a spell called the "No Love" spell, which causes her to have no eyes for anyone. So no one can break the spell. Except if she found true love first, and she has NO CLUE what that is. She was reaped.


Don't have any alliances, just get an axe and run. Live off the land.


"All right! Let's do this!"


A heart necklace.

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