Amazon Glacius


Amazon Glacious is a Career tribute owned by Clove1001. Her District Partner is Shadow Dusk.


Age: 16

District: 2

Skills: knives, throwing knives, spears, swords, dgeers (anything with a blade) javelins, hand to hand combat (very masculine/structured), crossbows, throwing anything, running

Weakness: Too heavy to climb, a little TOO bloodthirsty

Strategy: Load up on weapons at the Cornucopia, get the Careers. Kill everyone. YAAAHH!!

Personality: Fearless, extremely vicious, fierce, will never give up, extremely talented and skilled, brave

History: She lives in District 2 with her adoptive parents and sister/best friend. She has been training since she was 3 and will kill anything that gets in her way. She excels in all her training courses and is even better than most peacekeepers. She volunteered for a 14-year-old.

Token: her wing hairclips

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