Amethyst Bane

Amethyst was born to a upper middle class family in District 8. She had three siblings, Victor, Raven and Rashel. Her parents names were Constantine and Margaret. Victor was reaped when he was twelve. He was killed in the bloodbath. He placed 19th. Five years later when Raven was sixteen she was reaped. She managed to last until the final five but was killed in the final battle. She placed 5th. Constantine, who was romantically involved with Raven his daughter became outraged and murdered Margaret and Rashel. Amethyst managed to stab him. She was only 13. She was taken to an orphange. Five years later at age seventeen, Amethyst volunteered for the games. Ready to kill. Ready to win.

Apperance and Personality

Amethst was of average height. She had black hair with a violet streak. Kids at school were often frightened by her and avoided her. She was perfectly fine with that. She was a real outsider.

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