Wife of Orville Lane. Angel is 27 years old, lives in District 6, and is definitely not an angel.
ScreenHunter 04 Sep. 20 19.21

Skills: Incredibly strong and tough (both emotionally and physically.) Seductive and beautiful, as her husband would say. Brave.

Weaknesses: Her husband, she always feels the need to protect him. Also, she takes too many risks.

Weapon: An axe or mace. Sometimes she'll use her teeth.

Strategy: Kill, kill, kill. Just get out there and do some damage.

Personality: Seductive and sadistic. Also, not afraid of anything. She's playful.

Appearence: Gorgeous. She was never without a boy or two. Auburn hair and brown eyes. Tall and slightly muscled.

History: Was always getting into fights at school (and sometimes with animals in the woods.) When she grew up, her father got tired of this and forced her to go to a Clinic, that's where she met and fell in love with the awkward and sympathetic Orville.

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