I'm making a Hunger Games using only my tributes (As of June 24th 2012)! Now that I've giving them all pages and acurrate information I think I'm ready to do this for real! So with out further a-do... YET THE 150TH HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!!!


As a reminder that the District citizen's deaths were random in the districts; the number of tributes sent fro ma district will be decided by lottery. Of course the president rigged the drawings so that Districts 1, 2 and 4 got 6 tributes and the Capitol had to send only 2. This year a whooping 47 tributes with 18 Careers are sent to the games!

The Tributes

  • Yuri Ling (1)
  • Blade Johnson (1)
  • Bliss Creme (1)
  • Syr Wrath (1)
  • Sparkle Cape (1)
  • Blake Scarr (1)
  • Courtney Thorna (2)
  • Brass Sater (2)
  • Miley Gold (2)
  • George Gold (2)
  • Trina Smith (2)
  • Dare Ward (2)
  • Destiny Bow (3)
  • Gauge Down (3)
  • Electra Thunder (3)
  • Volt Down (3)
  • Aquamarine Summerton (4)
  • Blue West (4)
  • Ronda Grouge (4)
  • Dondo Grouge (4)
  • Oceania Waves (4)
  • River Blue
  • Adenine "Addie" Boulvie
  • Cytosine Johntson (5)
  • Hope Perquin (6)
  • Mac Williams (6)
  • Isa Wood (7)
  • Stone Wore (7)
  • Raquel Numez
  • Down Smith
  • Spring Howards (9)
  • Mable Frost (9)
  • Sam Jones (9)
  • Amanda Richards
  • Everest Strong (10)
  • Summer Fest (11)
  • October Fest (11)
  • Velma Ready (12)
  • Rick Patterson (12)
  • Dallas Tinsle (12)
  • Mike Wear (12)
  • Emily Harris (13)
  • Austin Mach (13)
  • Mimli Harrison (C)
  • Derek Hofhouse
  • Aquila Melina (0)
/# is their training score

/# 2 is kill count

District 1:

F- Yuri Ling/8

M- Blade Johnson/9

F- Bliss Creme/9

M- Syr Wrath/10

F- Sparkle Cape/8

M- Blake Scarr/9

District 2:

F- Courtney Thorna/8

M- Brass Sater/11/1

F- Miley Gold/11/1

M- George Gold/11

F- Trina Smith/9

M- Dare Ward/9/1

District 3:

F- Destiny Bow/5

M- Gauge Down/7

F- Electra Thunder/6

M- Volt Down/8

District 4:

F- Aquamarine Summerton/8

M- Blue West/9

F- Ronda Grouge/10

M- Dondo Grouge/11/1

F- Oceania Waves/9/1

M- River Blue/10

District 5:

F- Adenine "Addie" Boulvie/8

M- Cytosine Johntson/7

District 6:

F- Hope Perquin/6

M- Mac Williams/8

District 7:

F- Isa Wood/7

M- Stone Wore/9

District 8:

F- Raquel Numez/7

M- Down Smith/7/1

District 9:

F- Spring Howards/6

F- Mable Frost/9

M- Sam Jones/8

District 10:

F- Amanda Richards/6

M- Everest Strong/8/1

District 11:

F- Summer Fest/7

M- October Fest/8

District 12:

F- Velma Ready/8

M- Rick Patterson/7

F- Dallas Tinsle/7

M- Mike Wear/9

District 13:

F- Emily Harris/10

M- Austin Mach/10


F- Mimli Harrison/9

M- Derek Hofhouse/5

District 0:

F- Aquila Melina/8

M- Sliver Wolfmist/7


This year the arena consists of multiple terrains on one island. The cornucopia sits in the center with three massive lakes ringing it. Several rivers lead from these lakes to the ocean. The center of the island is a dense jungle with toxic plants and dangerous mutts. On the North-West part of the island is a hot desert with little pants and water. The rest of the island is a temprate forest with an average climate. The main island has a few smaller islands surrounding it with a shrubby forest with lots of mud.

The Games: Day 1

3rd Person's POV

The tributes raise up into the arena to take in the specticle before them;the gleaming cornucopia surrounded by shimmering lakes. All around them is a thick jungle and the humid air already weighs down on them. Some tributes like Brass (2) and Mac (6) eagerly await the gong while others such as Destiny (3) and Derek (C) dread it. The Career pack is classic all of Districts 1, 2 and 4 along with the addition of Mimli (C). Addie (5) was not accepted so she formed her own shaky alliance with Emily (13) and Austin (13). October and Summer (11) have allied and so have Volt and Electra (3). While Gauge and Destiny (3) ally, Mable (9) takes in the young tributes Spring (9) and Down (8) whiel Velma froms her rebel alliance with Hope (6) and Dallas (12). With so many Career haters in the arena, this Cornucopia is going to be a interesting one.

Isa Wood's POV

I nervously lock my eyes onto a small paint kit about 20 feet away from me at the cornucopia. I've decidied to risk it and make for the camo pack because it'll be a lot simpler to camoflauge myself then to look around for natral sources. I shift my feet to run and... GONG! I spirnt towards the paint kit, grabbing a water bottle and a knife as I go. My hands eagerly snatch up the pack and I turn to run. I sprint back towards the jungle only to find my path blocked by Oceania from District 4. I look to the left to see that region guarded by Dare Ward. Looks like their trying to fence us in. Raquel bumps past me, holding a sword, and runs right up to Oceania. Oceania hurls her trident and it hits Raquel in the chest with a Smack! While Oceania's unarmed I dash past her, away from the cornucopia.

Everest Strong's POV

My hands grab the spear off the ground I've so despretly needed and I scoop up a backpack. I'm behind the cornucopia right now and no one's really back here so I have a minute to grab what I need and bolt. Suddenly Blade, the Career from 1, rounds the horn and spots me, he grabs his shortsword and swings at me. I dodge, barely and stab him in the gut with my spear. He stagers back and slices me in the arm. It's not deep though and I manage to stab him in the gut again, this time, Blade hits the floor. I smile, knowing that I have one less Career to worry about, and run.

Ronda Grouge's POV

I twirl my trident menecingly at the girl from 0. She draws her bow and shoots an arrow. I swat the arrow aside with my trident and smile,"Is that all you've got?". The 0 girl loads other arrow when three sharps tips protrude from her chest. The tips disappear and she falls down revealing my brother Dondo,"Nice job sis, distracting that idoit. Now lets go kill!" Dondo says with a grin. I fake a smile but I'm not really enjoying the whole concept of being a Career but hey, its not that bad. I go back to the weapon stash inside the horn and scare Dallas from 12 away. I merly raise my trident to throw it and she bolts. Gez, some of these Dsitrict kids are wimps. I grab an extra trident and head out.

Down Smith's POV

I dodge the knife thrown at me by Miley Gold, one of the Careers to get a 11. I chuck a knife back but she easily dodges it. This tribute is to strong for me. I turn and run to find Spring and Mable when I see Spring being knocked to the floor by her own District partner. He raises his spear and I jump at Sam. I slam into him and he's knocked off Spring. We tumble around on the floor and somehow I manage to get my knife into him. He stops struggling and I push him off of me. "Thanks Down, that was really brave," Spring says. I notice her cheeks are slightly pink. Does Spring like me? I know we bonded a lot during training but I never knew this much. I grab her hand and we sprint over to Mable, who's waiting for us just inside the line of trees.

Miley Gold's POV

Mac is one crazy guy. He's at the mouth of the cornucopia, picking up any weapon he sees and flinging it at us. 'Us' refeering to George, Sparkle, Courtney and me. I drop to the ground as an axe slices the sir were my head used to be as Courtney jumps to the left to avoid getting skewered by a knife. Sparkle launches an arrow at him that he blocks with his sword, which he then throws at Sparkle. It slams into Sprakle's shoulder and that's when I get mad. No one messes with my Careers. I sprint towards him, dodging several sharp things along the way when I finaly reach him and smash my knife into his head. My first, of many, kills in these games.

Volt Down's POV

I patinetly wait for Electra to return with loot fro mthe cornucopia. Instead off risking my own life to grab supplies I let her go instead. She arrives with two backpacks, a axe and a knife. I eagrly search the supplies anf find everything I need to make a decent trap. Soon the Careers will all be dead. their lifeless bodies will litter the floor. I smile, these games are going to be fun.

Brass Sater's POV

My head whips from side to side, despretly searching fora tribute to kill. The only action I was in was giving October from 12 a decent sized gash on her arm. I'm so mad, I will not end day 1 with no kills. I focus in on the woods to catch a glimpse ofa tribute running away. I sprint after them and even though they have a huge head start their preety slowa nda I catch up quickly. This tribute, which I now see is a girl, from 10 I think, only has a medical pack. I laugh at her waekness and I jump her. She screams and I bach her head in with my mace. I laugh wickedly. I run back to the horn to tell the others about my amazing kill.

Velma Ready's POV

My alliance of Hope, Dallas and I all rest in a patch of dense bushes by the corucopia clearing. Dallas watches the pack closly with the binoculars she snagged at the cornucopia while Hope and I sort through the supplies we got. I grabbed a dull, rusty knife and a water bottle while Hope grabbed a loaf of bread. We eat half the loaf and drink some water. "Who ever is on watch gets the knife and everyone else gets a rock," I say. They nod and I offer to take first watch. Today we may have meger supplies but tommorrow we'll raid the Cornucopia.

October Fest's POV

Summer and I dash through the jungle. I hack through the foilage with my sythe, clearing the way, while Summer has the back to make sure no one's pursuing us. After a good 3 hours of running on and off we stop by a waterfall fed lake and set up camp behind some trees. Summer looks exhusted so she takes a nap while I look through our supplies. Weapons wise I got a sythe while Summer got a Scimmitar and a knife. A also grabbed a blue back pack with a empty water bottle with iodine, a pack of dried fruit, gauze roll, a coil of wire and some gloves. Summer grabbed another water bottle, some beef strips and some asprain.

Aquamarine Summerton's POV

Miley's mad. Only six deaths at the cornucopia and one of them was a Career. There's other things more important right now; we haven't chosen a leader yet. The obvious choice is Miley but, Brass and Dondo are both vieing for the postion so we've decidied on a vote. I lgance at Dondo, knowing he's expecting me to vote for him since we're i nthe same Dsitrict but, he's crazy. First up is Brass; Courtney, Dare, Trina and Blake vote for him. Next is Dondo; Ronda (Of course), Oceania, Blue, River, Syr and finaly I, grudingly raise our hands. Even though we know Dondo just got the most votes we still take Miley's; Yuri, Bliss, Sparkle, Mimli and George. Brass' face turns red in anger and Miley narrows her eyes. Dondo smilies and says,"I'm making Ronda my lieutenant. Ronda, go set up some snares to trap some tributes. Dare, Trina, you guys take first watch." Dondo was quick to take control. I lay down on my sleeping bag next to Blue.

Emily Harris' POV

I don't trust Addie. I never have and I never will. Something just seems to be a little... off about her. I wouldn't have allied her in the first place but, Austin instited. "We need another ally!" He exclaimed when I was about to refuse Addie's offer to join. She smiled smugly at me when I finaly gave in.

At the cornucopia we managed to slip past the Careers; each of us with a back pack and weapon of choice. We briefly stop at a lake to fill up a spare waterbottle. We continue our trek untill sundown and set up camp. We have one tent and three sleeping bags. We agree that whoever's on watch stays putside and the other two sleep inside the tent.

"Are you sure we can trust her?" I whisper Austin as we climb into our sleeping bags. He just shrugs and lays down.

As I drift off to sleep, I vagely hear Addie laughing manicaly.

Trina Smith's POV

As soon as all of the Careers are asleep, I make my move. I begin shoveling their precious food, water, mediine adn weapons into two back packs and sling them over my shoulders. I grab a vest of throwing knives and go over to wake up Dare. But when I arrive, it seems like he had the same idea; he's armed with two swords and has a spear with a strap slung over his shoulder. He's also got two back packs.

"Trina, go hide by the edge of the clearing. I'm gonna kill one of these sick-os."

I nod and retreat behind some bushes and watch Dare carefuly, ready to come to his aid at a moments notice. He approaches Aquamrine and Blue's sleeping forms and stands there for a moment, as if trying to decide on who to kill. He raises his sword over Aquamrine, but as he brings it down he changes his mind last second and drives it into Blue's face.

A cannon goes off and he flees over to me.

Derek Hofhouse's POV

I adjust the branches a little more just so they'll perfectly conceal my hidding place. I've hidden under some roots of a large oaktree and covered the opening with branches so well that it seems as though they fell naturaly.

I hear the anthem and peek through a small opening to take a peak at the death count.

Deaths: 7

Raqueal Numez- Skewered by Oceania Waves

Blade Johnson- Stabbed by Everest Breeze

Aquila Melina- Stabbed by Dondo Grouge

Sam Jones- Stabbed by Down smith

Mac Williams- Stabbed by Miley Gold

Amanda Richards- Bludgeoned by Brass Sater

Blue West- Satbbed by Dare Ward

Day 2

Aquamarine Summerton's POV

I wake up in the morning, admire the beautiful sky for a moment, and scream.

The others run to me in a flash, Sparkle covers her mouth at the gruesome sight. There's a massive gash n the center of Blue's face, blood is splatered all over the place. I start to gag.

"Who did this?!" Dondo asks in rage.

"I don't know..." I mutter back, struggling to hold back the tears.

"Hey. Some of our stuff is missing, along with Dare and Trina," George points out.

"Those little two timing traitors!!!" Dondo shouts. He grabs his trident and slams into into the cornucopia.

The others go away to eat breakfeast but I just sit there. Thinking about how they could've killed me.

Gauge Down's POV

Destiny and I have been o nthe mvoe since the bloodbath. Destiny fled as soon as the gong went out but, wated for me at the edge of the clearning. I grbbed everything I needed to make a decent tripwire trap, along with a knife and hatchet. I gave Destiny the knife, not that'll do her much good i na fight, while I kept the axe.

After a few hours the jungel transforms into a normal looking forest. We stop for lunch before going o nthe mvoe again.

"How far do we need to go?" Destiny asks, finally tired of walking.

"Not much further... I just need to find a spot to plant my trap."

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