Annamaria Lopez

Annamaria Lopez is my district 6 female. Her District partner is Jet Caver.


Annamaria Lopez
Skills: Knives, Axe, Fighting, Swimming, Running.

Fears: High mountains.

Strategy: To make an alliance with some idiots and get them to do all the killing. Then when there the last few alive kill them quickly before they realize her master plan.

Training Score: Usually 10

History: IN school Annamaria was the most popular. Boys loved her, girls wanted to be her. She had everything until her parents told her they were low on money and they needed to enter her more times in the games. She quickly became nervous and threatend any girl who didn't volunteer to take her place. She broke up with her boyfriend and kind of went a bit mad. After getting into a fight at school she realized that she was driving herself crazy. WHat are the odds she gets picked. Then she did.

Token: A bracelet her sister gave her.

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