Anya Showers
Anya Showers






Hand on combat, Club, Spear


Tribute in the Hunger Games

Family and Friends


Mother (deceased)

Sister (deceased)

Best Friend Miles

Name: Anya Showers

Age: 15

Skills: Evasive, Quick, Stealthy, Brave, Strong.

Weapons: Hand on combat, Club, Spear.

Weaknesses: Temper, Deathly afraid of her nightmares.

Personality: Troublesome, Kind, Comical, Confused.

Strategy: Anya's strategy is simple. Be quick, on time, and focus on survival.

Life: Anya grew up with a dad and no other family member. She is kind and respectful, but also has a temper problem and is troublesome. She is angered by many things. Mostly that she never saw her mother or little sister. Her dad never actually cared for her like a regular dad would. The only living person she cared about was her best friend Miles. They do most things together, and they both have no moms.

Family + Friends: Dad, Miles (best friend)

Appearance: Blond, Green eyes, Pale white skin.

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