Aquamarine Summerton



Aquamarine is a signature tribute

District: 4

District Partner: Blue West or Dondo Grouge or River Blue

Age: 16

Weapons: Tridents, knives (Throwing and wielding), spears and nets.

Skills: Aquamaine is a fast swimer, runner and climber. She can use tridents and knives and nets in combat. Aquamarine is also a decent knife and spear thrower as well. Aquamarine isn't like most of the ignorant Careers and didn't ignore survival skills back in District 4 she can start fires, identify plants and purify water. Aqua can tie knots and fish thanks to being from 4. Aquamrine is also smart, sneaky and very quiet when following someone.

Strategy: Learn extras survival skills during training and ally with the Careers. She plans on being bold during the interviews with a hint of comedy. She'll make sure to wear a dress to show off her body to earn those extra sponsors as well. In the arena Aquamarine will fight with the Careers and try to avoid killing if possible. She won't back down from a fight unless it's hopeless and she'll listen to the pack's leader. When there's only her and one more Career left, she'll kill them in their sleep and take the crown

Token: A gold neckles with a sapphire at the end. (See Lunaii for details)

Weaknesses: Cocky, arrogent, doesn't like killing too much, Aquamarine also doesn't know how to be hungry.

Quote: "I'm gonna win this with my eyes closed!"

History: From the moment she was born, Aquamarine excelled at everything. She was the fisrt to crawl, walk and later catch a fish, swim and spear a fish with a trident. As she grew older, she still was the best. She has plenty of friends and has straight A's. She comes from a wealthy family. Family- Mother; Azuil, she works as a fisher. Father; Ocean, works as a trainer for future District 4 tributes. Brother; Zach, drowned at age three when his babysitter wasn't paying attantion.

Personality: Aquamarine is nice to people she likes, or pretendinng to like but, is rather mean and cruel to those she doesn't like. Aquamarine is strong willed strong, kind, and can get pretty mad easily. She's also kinda arrogent and cocky . Aquamarine doesn't have much of a taste for killing but, will do so as needed or if sees angry at them.

Appearance- Dirty blond curly hair that's usally up in a ponytail. Slightly tan and aqua eyes. (See lunaii for details)

Notable Games

Jabberjay's 77's Hunger Games: 2nd Place

  • Training Score: 8
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