Aquila was born in her parents log cabin home in a day of harsh winter in District Zero, they named her Aquila after their

Aquila Melina, Tribute of District 0

faveorite constellation, it means 'soars as an eagle'. Her name soon became how she ran, so fast that it seemed like she was flying. In the harsh winters when food was scarce, Aquial would fish and set snares in the woods. When even that was not enough for her family of 8, four brothers and two sisters, she hunted using some bows and arrows that she made herself. When she was reaped at age 16 her two little sisters sobbed and her brothers wept. She knows she has to make it back home for her family.


District: Zero

Age: 16

Skills: Since she had to find food for her family she had to learn make a fishing rods and hooks, which she now is amazing at, setting up snares to trap animals, using bows and arrows she can get a bull's eye from about 50 feet, she also knows how to make bows and arrows with only supplies from nature. She's extremly fast at running and good at identifing plants, which she had to do when forging. She's also very smart and good at making quick escapes. Can identify almost every star.

Startagy: Get some supplies from cornucopia, don't make alliacnes unless completly neccisary, set snares for food/to catch tributes, fish and fordge for food. Only kill when needed.

Weaknesses: Jabberjays, can't standto think her family was/is hurt.

Token: None

Personailty: sweet, caring, kind, kinda quiet and shy.

Quote: "I may be girl, but that doesn't mean I don't know how to fight!"

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