Ariella Moon is a 15 (at the time she won the Games, is now 16) year old girl who married Rift Warfield, another victor who was teamed up with her, some months after the Games. She had a grandfather named Carol and two unnamed parents. She also had two unnamed siblings who were both dead and a sister who died shortly after the Games
New ariella


1st Games: Ariella was shy and quiet, but was very polite, humorous, and nice to be around after you get to know her.

2nd Games: Ariella is more sarcastic and willing to fight. At first, she had a problem killing, but later on, she does not

Family and Life

Ariella's parents were abusive, and her father killed her sister and brother when they were babies, and hated Ariella very strongly. After he got out of jail for murdering her grandmother, he attempted to kill Ariella, unknowing that she was in the Capitol, and accidentally killed his youngest living daughter (age 5), mistaking him for Ariella. The newly named victor attempted to commit suicide after hearing the news, but her soon-to-be husband prevented this by threatening to slit his own throat with the dagger he had from the Arena if she did as attempt to kill herself. Later, Ariella's father was executed by firing squad, and her mother committed suicide, unable to see her daughter happy. This occurred just as the train stopped at District Five after the Games. Ariella then moved to live with Rift in his Victor's Village abode in District 6.

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