D2 Artemis Kane

Artemis Kane is a tribute created by Beetee19. She lives in District Two, and her district partner is Earl Zoranovic. She is Beetee19's second victor.


Age: 17

District: 2

Weapon: Bow and arrow

Strengths: Artemis is great with a bow and is very intelligent. She hopes to become the 'brains' of the Career pack. She is also fast and has good endurance.

Weaknesses: She has never been very strong in hand-to-hand combat. She also seems to have an inability to follow instructions.

Personality: Artemis is serious but optimistic. She helps the Careers from becoming too caught up in killing. She would like to try to get them to lighten up a little, but not too much as to distract them from the task at hand.

Strategy: Join the Career alliance. Let her allies pick up most of the kills and study them closely so that she knows how to defeat them when they're the only ones left.

Token: Ring

History: Artemis has trained in Career Academy from a young age and is the top shooter in her class. Her inability to follow directions can likely be explained by her illegal hunting. She has always had enough food, but sometimes, when she has nothing better to do at night, she will sneak out to go hunting, as she feels it will better prepare her for the Games. She seems to think that it has paid off.


AxedFox's Examination Games: 1st/24 (co-victor)- Artemis leaves the Careers on Day Three and forms an alliance with Celeste Ryder. Celeste is soon killed by Career Bliss Creme, and Artemis vows to avenge her death. After killing Sawyer Thomas, Artemis is unable to bring herself to kill Bliss. The two would become co-victors.

VDA's Olympic Games: 19th/24- Placed very well in the first few events before finishing last in boxing.

Kman528's Xerothermic Games: 9th/32- Allied with the Careers and shot Ariel Reef and Luneth Wave in the bloodbath because of their refusal to join the Careers. They slowly hunt down tributes throughout the games until Artemis is stabbed in the neck by Oleum Graisser.

FITAO's Deception Games (entered as Capitol tribute):

YoungGuy5's Selection Games:

Rainbow Shifter's Chess Games:

Kayleigh Rockstar's 126th Hunger Games:

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