D6 Axl Lockhart

Axl Lockhart is a tribute created by Beetee19. He lives in District Six, and his district partner is Ella Webster or Zoe Russell.


Age: 17

District: 6

Weapon: Mace (or other thing he can whack people in the head with)

Strengths: Axl is in good physical condition and will use his strength and speed to his advantage. He is decent in hand to hand combat.

Weaknesses: Axl is very protective of those he loves and has a large appetite. He is inexperienced with most distance weapons.

Personality: Axl is a quiet guy who typically doesn't show many emotions. However, he is extremely defensive of those he cares about.

Strategy: Work alone unless someone offers to ally. He will try to protect himself first but won't shy away from a fight.

Token: None

History: Axl is the oldest of 7 siblings. His parents work hard to bring home money and feed the children but do a pretty lousy job of actually caring for them. Therefore, Axl has become a leader among his siblings. He essentially raised many of them and would do just about anything to protect them. He is an average student and wants to eventually become an engineer.


VDA's Olympic Games: 12th/24- After many close calls as well as resounding victories, placed last in the 100m backstroke event due to his lane being invaded by his district partner.

Cloveismywife's Vengeance Games: 27th/56- Allies with Azalea Firethorn and Ridge Hillsong. They hide in a barn for a couple of days before the District 12/13 alliance, led by Phoenix Ironsmith, burns it down. Axl and Ridge break through and escape, while Phoenix takes pity on an injured Azalea. Drachma Dornus, a new member of the previous alliance, comes through the next day with Rachel Deyson and Ana Shadowsinger, and Axl and Ridge are killed.

Iluvgale's New Candy Can Kill Games: 20th/24- Stabbed in the chest during the bloodbath.

FITAO's Deception Games:

Tommyboy97's 5th Quarter Quell:

TBWTPT's Top Tribute Games:

Wesolini's 36th Hunger Games:

TBWTPT's Specteral Games:

SerpentKing999's Outbreak Games:

Wesolini's 76th Hunger Games:

Rainfacestar's Midnight Games:

St.Berry4evers' 347th Hunger Games:

Nommehzombies' 180th Hunger Games:

OBUSMD's 150th Hunger Games:

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