Bell Evergreen
Age: 16

District: 11

History: She comes from a semi-rich and loving family. Ever since she was little, her best friend was her neighbor, Peter. They fell in love with each other when they were 12 and were together ever since. When she was 16, Bell got picked for the games and she promised Peter that she would try and make it back alive.

Token: A locket with a picture of her and Peter in which she rubs for good luck.

Personality: Bell’s shy and super cautious around strangers but outgoing and super helpful towards the people she’s close with. Even though she has many close friends, she does not trust any of them, not even her own family. The only exceptions are Peter and her best friend Rue.

Skills: Because she is best friends with Rue, Bell is also great at jumping from tree to tree and is very fast at it. She is also good at telling which plant is poisonous and which one is not. Because she helps people farm for fun, she is quite muscular, so she is good at hurling huge rocks at the other opponents.

Weaknesses: Bell has a really bad sense of direction, especially at night. Also, she has really bad vision at night. Because there are no rivers in District 11, Bell does not know how to swim. Even though she is good on the trees, Bell is very bad fighting with weapons. She would rather run away from danger and death than face it, making her a really big coward.

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