Belle Freeze is my new character for district 9. She is also the district partner of Miles Graze.

Belle Freeze
Beautiful Belle
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Age: 15

Apperence: Long blond hair with streaks of light blue, pale skin, light blue eyes, and very pretty.

Personality: Very outgoing and generous. She is almost to generous. She is very poplular in school and so she doesn't mind attention. She is also laugh at the cheepest jokes.

Strenghts: Charm, wits. She is relivily strong and will be able to take down a few weaker competitors.

Weakness: Not mental ready for the games. Not amazing at any weapons.

Stratagey: Join up with strong boys who can protect her. When it gets to the final few turn them on each other. (She hates to do it but she knows she has to)

History: She grew up with her parents. She was very poplular and had many friends. She did have a boyfriend but she told him about her plan so he won't be offended.

Token: A small picture of her boyfriend

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