Blake Carson

Blake Carson is one of my six sgnature tributes. Blake is a tribute from district 9, and sometimes 8. His district partner is Yuki Ling.


Skills: Spears, Knives, Climbing, Running, and Swimming.

Fears: Having to kill his friends.

Strategy: To make a trustworthy alliance I hope he dosen't have to kill anybody.

Personaility: He is kind, caring, and hates killing and seeing his friends die.

Training Score: Usually a 7.

History: Blake grew up with 3 sisters and one mother. His parents are divorced. His father lives in district 8 so he sometimes lives with him there. He usually had to be the man of the house. He was is one of the kindest boys in the districts. When he was chosen he knew he had to do it. He didn't want anybody in his district risking there life for him.

Token: A moon necklace his sisters gave him.

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