Blingbling Creme is a tribute owned by Clove1001. Her district partner is Everest Levesque. She is my alternate District 1 female tribute or when I'm using my real one, Colbie, in 3 or more games.


Age: 16

Skills: looking pretty, devious, distracting, knife


Weakness: Gets distracted, not that smart, too heavy to climb, can't operate alone, gross things make her puke

Personality: Snobby, spoiled, mean, cruel, and ruthless, kind of a jerk

Strategy: Get something at the Cornucopia and run, find the Careers, team up for the whole games, kill them when the time comes

History: She grew up in the 4th richest family in District 1 in an enourmous mansion, and has gotten everything she has ever wanted (except 2 brothers). For this reason, she thinks she is so much better than everyone else. She has always been the perfect, popular girl at school, and like a bajillion people are always following her around. She has 2 brothers, Max (13) and Hudson (11) that like to mess with her stuff, and 1 sister, Sparkle (15). She volunteered for Sparkle, because she knew if she won a games, she WOULD be better than everyone else without a doubt.

Token: Her silver star necklace

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