District: 1
Bliss Creme.

Bliss Creme

District Partner: Syr Wrath or Blade Johnson or Blake Scarr

Age: 16

Weapons: Throwing knives and wielding a knife

Skills: Seducing guys; her looks and skills with flirting make her irresitable, ace at throwing knives and wielding one, fast runner, good with medicine .

Strategy: Classic career alliance, seduce the boys in her alliance to get them to fight over her and later kill each other for her but she would never seduce Syr (But she would seduce Blade) if she kisses him its REAL.

Token: None

Weaknesses: She couldn't kill Syr because of their friendship and the fact that she doesn't know how to be hungry. Plus the fact that she's not too bright. (Classic dumb blonde)

Quote: [Seducing someone] "Oh gosh... I think I'm in love... With the hottest boy on earth!"

personality- She's really flirty, cunning, quick, nice to people she likes, good at pretending she likes people she hates. She's pretty dumb also and says things that don't really make much sense. She loves fashion and likes too go shopping a lot (when she's not partying or training).

history: Lives with a super rich family in District 1 with a little sister named Sparkle (9) whom she loves to death. At school all the boys want to date her, she's the best looking girl. She's been friends with Syr since they were little and she still likes to hang out with him. She also has a lot of girl friends (friend kind). She's got average grades and is a cheerleader. Bliss has awful grades but she doesn't care, she thinks she'll get rich by becoming a victor. If she's never reaped, she'll just marry rich!


The Examination Games

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