Branson Stien

Branson Stien is my male tribute from district 7. His district partner is Fall Breez


Branson Stien
Skills: Spears, Knives, Climbing, Swimming.

Fears: Starvation

Strategy: To make a trustworthy alliance. Or hide in a cave or tree by a water source

Personaility: He is mean and nasty. He is one of the best persuaders you can ever meet.

Training Score: Usually a 7, 6, or 8.

History: He was one of the meanest kids to Fall. One day he punched her in the nose and left her on the ground bleeding. He does worry about eating though. His family is poor and he can't get much food. SO he takes it from kids at his school. Usually from Fall. He was one of the kids who told Fall's parents about entering your child's name more then once. They were unsure but Branson is one of the best sweet talkers. So they did. He cheered when Fall was chosen and was excited to see her die on live TV. But when he was chosen. He was shocked. Everybody told him that he must kill Fall. IN the meanest way possible.

Token: A tie his father gave him.

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