Brass Sater

Brass Sater

District 2

District Partner: Courtney Thorna or Miley Gold or Trina Smith

Age: 18

Weapons: Machete, mace, sword, spears, daggers and knives.

Skills: All close range weapons like swords, machetes, maces, spears, daggers, he can throw spears and knives if nessicary. His really strong and fast. he excelles at hand-to-hand combat and wrestling. He can climb cliffs but not trees due to his heavy weight.

Strategy: Volunteer. Act very coky but humorous during his interviews. Career. Kill as much as possible. Lead the Careers and pick off the weak members of the aliance later. Kill the strong ones at the final 5. Win of the female sponsers with his appearance.

Token: Neckless in lunaii.

Weakness: Total Saidist. Cocky. Doesn't know how to be hungry.

Quote: None.

History: He has trained for the games since he was only 2, he was the star student of the class and only at age 7, he was able to defeat his trainer. He has 2 older brothers; Steel (19) and Iron (21) who have both won the hunger games, because of their pleasure of killing, strength and cunning. He is the 'cool' kid at school and all the girls like him because he is so strong. He has had exactly 7 girlfriends and he dumped all of them to pursue more beatiful women, and he's currently dating a teenage model named, Jessica.

Personality: arogent, cocky, mean, cruel, sadistic.

Notable Games

The Nemesis Games: (Training Score: 8 out of 12) Brass allied with the Career pack and along with the others, picked on his district partner and ally, Courtney Thorna for being weak. In the 1-on-1 round, Brass was paired up with Detora. Brass defeated Detora with relative ease and moved onto the games. Brass was the Career's leader, Jade, second in command. Brass realizied his mistake of joining the Careers knowing Jade would kill him and the others later but stayed with them. On day 3 Brass ws in a fight with two other tributes, Brass betrayed Jade by helping the other tributes and ran of.

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