Britannic De Leon

Britannic De Leon is a tribute owned by Anna-athena.

Her district partner is her brother, Titanic De Leon

Gender: Female

Age: 17

History: Britannic is a popular, well liked her. She grew up motherless. After she was born, her mother just packed her bags and left with another man. Her father was devastated but did his best to bring her up. He taught her how to hunt, how to dance, and swim. She voluteered in place of her best friend, who she promises and vows to save forever. Her brother also volunteered for the males place becuase he wanted to save her. Her father is devstated.

Appearance: Browish, Black hair, back length, violet eyes, tanned skin.

Strategy: Grab a bow and arrow, a backpack, and leave. create an alliance with Titanic. Stay in a tree and hide to wait the games out.

Token: friendship bracelets.

Her friends and family call her Brittani

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