Bruce Foster (Broo-ss Faw-ste-re) is the new generation Alpha District 1 Male created by mysims. His district partner is Georgia Westlake. When submitting District 1 Tributes they may be submitted together. Bruce is the first of Mysims' signature tributes and currently the only one from District 1.
This tribute is a finished tribute


Bruce Foster
Bruce Foster, the Compassionate, Orphaned Angel







Weapon of Choice

Gold-Plated Sword; Axe

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Training Score (On Average)


Name: Bruce Foster

Age: 14

District: 1

Personality: Bruce is a nice enough guy, not that evil as many of his counterparts in past games. He is wholesome and sees the best in people at all times. In Bruce's mind, people who do wrong shouldn't be penalized for it. Everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what they do. Due to his moral codehe probably won't kill in the games, or so he thinks, people can change in the arena. He likes to think that if he helps people, they would do the same for him. Which is why if he sees someone crying or getting beat up, he will do everything in his power to stop the attackers or comfort the person who has been attacked or hurt in any way. Bruce can snap, but he will never react in a violent way. He can shout and scream, but he will never throw a punch. He is sporty, but not a jock, more of someone who enjoys Phys Ed, but doesn't continue to take it up after school. Bruce isn't the most popular of people, but he does have friends. Friends that are true to him.

Bruce Foster

Appearance: Bruce has light, sandy, salt and pepper hair which flops to the left across his face, covering one of his eyes. Its straight and near the back it spikes up a little. His hair does shine in the summer, making it a bright blonde colour. In the winter, his hair gets darker and more of a brown colour, because the sun isn't out as long. He has light brown eyebrows which don't change in the seasons. They are streamline and not that bushy, making people think he waxes his eyebrows, which he doesn't. He has light, almond shaped, teal blue eyes which have flecks of green round the outside and the pupils are just rimmed with brown. He has a small perky nose which is quite cute. His lips are full and light pink, almost perfectly symmetrical. His face itself is heartshaped, the crown of his head is curved in and his cheeks are chubby and cute. He is small in itself, but quite stocky built and able to hold his own. His biceps and triceps are well toned, but his thighs and calves aren't.

Strengths: Bruce is fast, very fast. Probably excelling in the short sprints, like the 100m and the race to the cornucopia, but he has his limits when it comes to the running. He can't run for a long period of time, like the 800m, without getting seriously exhausted. But pretty fast as it goes. He's of average strength for a 14 year old, but no physical wonder or anything. He could probably lift 20 to 30 pounds with ease, but not much more. He's quite smart, not amazingly intelligent but seemingly good at maths and equations as it goes. Other than that, he is generally quick at thinking on his feet, an asset that could win him the games.

Weaknesses: Bruce isn't very good with water, or most things to do with climbing. He's not that good with long distance sprints or with most warm terrains. He has bad stamina, and gets attached to things quite easily. He hates bugs as well, he's quite squeamish and dislikes most kinds of conflict, and would rather turn down a fight than get involved in one. But he can snap.

Fears: Bruce has a phobia of most bugs and araknids, especially large spiders. Definetly squeamish when it comes to things like that. He isn't very good when it comes to killing people and has a fear that if he messes up, they could kill him. His final fear is the fear of the inveitable, the fear of dying.

Weapons: Bruce has three good weapons, the third best would be a knife, best with one with a serregated underside for cutting through plants and other foliage. In the career pack, he wouldn't want to be a leader, but he would rather cut down the foilage and make sure that he is leading them in the right direction. Because he doesn't want to kill, he would just show the way for his allies and let them get their hands dirty. His second best weapon is an axe, especially when throwing them, because he knows if it hits someone where he is aiming for, it won't kill the person he wants to kill, he wants to injure them, so that another ally can finish him or her off. His best weapon is a sword, large and gold plated, able of cutting right through bone. He wants to cause pain, not death.

Weight: Bruce is exactly 7st and 3lbs, a healthy enough weight for a small 14 year old boy living in a richer district where people are fed more. This makes him 45.81kg and 101 pounds in weight. This is adequte for a boy of his stature and social status.

Height: Bruce is 5 feet and 5 inches, an average height for a person of his age and gender. He is not the tallest in his year but not the smallest either. He could easily reach up and grab something from a shelf but he isn't a giant.

Backstory: Bruce was a normal guy, living in a normal house, with normal clothes and a normal school life and a normal family. His mum, dad and younger sister, but then one night when Bruce was studying at his friend Luminol's house late at night while his mum was cooking dinner, something happened. The cooker went alight, engulfing his mother and the entire kitchen. His dad screamed for his sister to run, but she never did because she didn't hear him, the fire tore through the living room, destroying everything in its path, killing his dad. It climbed the stairs and hit his sister, she didn't even see it coming. That night, Bruce lost his family. He ended up never leaving Luminol's house to go back to his, because it no longer existed. Bruce was never the same again, but he managed to keep some sanity.

Token: Bruce's token is the only thing he has left from his family, a pendant, gold and silver interlocking chains forming around his neck to make a necklace. At the bottom of the necklace, a single coin sized gold plated locket stands, just above his heart. When opening the locket, you can see a photo of his parents on one side and a photo of his sister on the other.

Alliance: Bruce, as a district 1 tribute, will ally with the careers and will stick with them until death breaks them apart. He, as mentioned before, will not be doing any killing in the arena, but he will just try to stomach seeing innocent people lose their lives right in front of him.

Bloodbath Plan: Bruce will meet up with Georgia, or whoever his district partner is, and wait with at least one other ally while the other careers take people down. If he is attacked, he will fight back, but he will maime, not kill. Never kill.

Games Plan: Bruce will stick with the careers, staying with them while they hunt and kill tributes, but if he can help it, he will leave the games without any blood on his hands, besides self defence and the final battle.

Interview Plan: Bruce plans to act hard and ready to go and kill, when inside he knows he lying to everyone in the world about his ability to kill. He will also say that he will do this for his family, and even if he does die, he will still be a winner, because he will get to see them again.

Games Information

Dedejacob's Giant Games:

Name of Game: Dedejacob's Giant Games

Author: Dedejacob

Place: TBA

Kills: TBA

Killed by: TBA

Annamisasa's 101st Games:

Name of Game: The 101st Annual Hunger Games/Anna's 3rd Hunger Games

Author: Annamisasa

Place: TBA

Kills: TBA

Killed by: TBA

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