Bulgar Millet




11 or 9



Weapon of Choice

Any close-range weapon

Best Ranking


Best Training Score

15!(In The Fifteenth Annual Hunger Games

Bulgar Millet is a tribute owned by Necterine411. He can be from District 9 or 11. His District partner is Kasha Farro. He is one of Necterine411's signature tributes.


Skills: Strong, skilled in setting up traps

Weapons: Any close-range weapon

Strategy: Kill anyone he finds, set up deadly traps wherever he goes.

Weaknesses: Loud, easily seen

Token: None

History: Although both of his parents are alive, none of his siblings lived past five because of malnutrition. This made Bulgar angry at the Capitol, for providing the awful conditions that killed his siblings. To take out his anger and provide better conditions for his ageing parents, he volunteered to play in the Games. He has secretly practised all his life for the Games. At seventeen he decided he was ready and volunteered. Place: 19/26 in Clove1001's 326th Hunger Games

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