Cabria Autumn is a tribute who resides in District 5. She is owned by HeavyRotation.

Her district partner is Adron Phelan.


Cabria has yellow wavy long hair. orange hazel eyes, and a smile that can light up a room. She usually wears a
pinned dress and leather boots. Cabria is 13 years old.

Weapons, Skills, and Weaknesses


She uses a bow and arrow. Also a whiz at snares.


She has a kind heart, she's a whiz at snaring meat, she's good at staying awake at night, and very sneaky.


She doesn't function well in the morning, she snores, and she hates killing people.



She's a kind hearted girl. She's also kind of mischievous.


Cabria's family is poor and in need. She works at a local power plant to make needs go by. She has a lot of brothers and sisters, and her parent are looking for jobs, so her paycheck is the only paycheck. She works at night, so she sleeps in the morning from 4-12.


Stay awake and try to get some supplies, and then leave.


"Don't underestimate me. I can do more than you think."


A little button.

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