Cahe Wolfe (F)

Age: 15

Appearance: Brown hair, intense green eyes, average height, scratches on her left cheek

Name Pronunciation: CAY

Skills: Great with knives, throwing arrowheads and spears, decent swimmer and climber, amazing at running, very devious, tying knots and snares, carving, had to hand combat

Weakness: Very emotional and not good with large, heavy weapons

Strategy: Get something close and run, find water. Maybe do something somewhat similar to Foxface, but fight anyway

Personality: Secretive, defensive, aggressive, vicious, and hostile; belligerent

History: She lives with her brother, Coyote (17). All her life, she has been alone, mostly. She has some friends, but she likes to be alone at the "secret creek" she found in the woods when she was 10, where she met Faust when he saved her from the snare. He became her closest friend, and she felt comfortable around him. For a few years, he was the only person she could talk to. She sounds as if she weren't dangerous, but she can do terrible things when she is angry. This rarely happens, though. Before she was reaped, she worked in the back of her brother's shop carving little animals out of wood. There are 3 scars on her left cheek, all from where a cougar's claws cut her. Token: Self-carved gray wooden wolf on a leather cord
Gcgoucv - Copy

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