Calliope Revine{C}

Age: 13

Appearance: blonde hair, grey eyes, perfect skin, tall

Skills: bow/arrow, knife, runnning, harpoon/spear, agility,

Weakness: Swords and identifying plants, climbing small trees Strategy: Get something close at the Cornucopia and run, find water, join the Careers

Personality: Defensive, brave, strong, outgoing

History: She lives in District 1. All the girls want to be her and all the boys like her. She is the most popular girl in her school. She will do anything to win. She has everything everyone else wants, in terms of looks. Cally volunteered for a 12-year-old, and she is now set on winning the Games. Outside of training, she is a very athletic girl and loves all sports. She has 2 best friends.

Token: Black wristwatch with leaf-shaped diamonds

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