D7 Camellia Winchester

Camellia Winchester is a tribute created by Beetee19. She lives in District Seven, and her district partner is Douglas Gibbons or Sawyer Thomas.


District: 7

Age: 16

Weapon: Axe or knife

Strengths: Camellia is fairly strong and quick for a girl her age. She can also be quite cunning. She is quick to act and can be quite surprising sometimes.

Weaknesses: She cannot swim and is overly loyal to her friends. She also doesn't always think stuff through before she acts.

Personality: Camellia is strong and independent. She is very protective of those she loves, and is typically kind but can become fierce if provoked. She is also kind of a tomboy. Many of her closest friends simply call her Cam because she thinks Camellia sounds too girly and eloquent.

Strategy: Grab things near her plate but leave before it gets ugly. Lay low and try not to attack but don't be afraid to defend herself (or allies, if she makes them).

Token: Bead bracelet

History: Camellia lives a fairly normal life in District 7. Camellia does well in school and has a small group of friends that she is very close with. Her mother died when she was fairly young, so she has taken on a bit of a leadership role in her house while her father is working (she has two younger brothers). She helps out in the woods during the summer for extra money. She lost a good friend to the Games two years ago and is determined to fight in her honor and make sure she is not forgotten. Camellia was reaped.


Cloveismywife's 373rd Hunger Games: 2nd/28- Heads an alliance of five girls. Kills Finn Allstroke in Aeropostale, and the team, against her orders, picks up Felix Slesher. He tries to leave the alliance with Scarlet Pimpernel and Paula Twoson, but they are forced back by the Careers. After figuring out what happened, Cam and Tara May leave the alliance; the group is torn when they try to return and only Paula lets them back in. Paula falls in love with Felix, and Cam begins making plans for the impending feast. Tara is killed on the way there. Cam quickly disposes of her mutt and then kills Varina Tapora. Scarlet then executes their secret plan and kills Felix, after which Paula asks Cam to kill her. Cam is killed in the final battle by victor Taylor Slicer.

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