Cameron-Rokelle Starcatcher is a tribute owned by Clove1001. Her Distrrict Partner is Everett Tinder.


Age: 13

District: 5

Skills: knives, daggers, running, climbing, singing, bow/arrows

Weakness: headaches, throwing stuff.

Strategy: Get something close from the Cornucopa/run, find water, climb a tree

Personality: Nice, lovable, heart-on-her-sleeve kind of girl, funny, naturally friendly, a little defensive sometimes

History: Cameron-Rokelle Grew up in District 5. She goes by Cammie or Cameron usually. She lives with her mother and 2 sisters, Ever (14), Anabelle-Taylor (12), and 2 brothers, Jackson (12) and Ryder (16). Her best friend is named Miley, and they love playing together. Cammie was reaped.

Token: Silk headscarf

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