Cameron Jaque






Bow and Arrows, Battle Axe


Tribute in the Hunger Games

Family and Friends

Two Parents

Four Siblings


Name:Cameron Jaque

District 3

Age:13 Skills: Hunting with Bow and Arrows, Knot tying, Trapping animals with snares

Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Battle Axe

Weaknesses: Snob, Hates his family

Strategy: Go for the kill, Try to kill non-careers first, Survive, Ally with people but kill them in the end

Personality: Snob, Daring, Enthusiastic, Strong

Appearance: Brown-Blond hair, Green eyes

History: Growing up in the richest part of District 3 with 4 other siblings and two parents was a bit difficult for Cameron. He was the middle child and barely had any attention. Also, his other siblings thought he was weird so they did not talk to him much. He feels like an outcast in his family. The only person he really enjoys being with is his friend Bryce.

Family+Friends: Two parents, Four Siblings, Bryce

Token: A black ribbon Bryce gave him

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