D4 Cerulean Sparkle

Cerulean Sparkle is a tribute created by Beetee19. She lives in District Four, and her district partner is Troy Costas or Surf Sup.


Age: 15

District: 4

Weapon: Prefers a knife.

Strengths: Cerulean is good with a knife and is very persuasive. Although she doesn't wish to harm the other Careers, she'll use this to get what she needs. She is also intelligent.

Weaknesses: For Career standards, she is small. She hasn't had a lot of training because she was reaped and nobody volunteered.

Personality: Cerulean is usually a very kind girl who is a little shy and energetic. She can, however, be deceptive when she wants to.

Strategy: Start with the Careers. Near the end, get them to start fighting each other (she's good at this, being very persuasive and the prettiest girl in Four) and leave the alliance.

Token: Seashell

History: Cerulean's grandmother and uncle were both victors. Nobody in the third generation has accomplished this feat yet. Cerulean, being the firstborn, was supposed to take over and try to become the next victor in the family. However, she declined in hopes of living a more normal life. Her parents got their wish, though, when she was reaped, and are now rooting hard for Cerulean to win. Cerulean's friends were heartbroken when she was reaped and stole stuff from their parents to sell in order to get sponsor money for her. She was once in a relationship with Troy Costas. They broke up; however, Troy still likes her. Cerulean does not know this or return his feelings.


Thena.airice14's 34th Hunger Games: 4th/24 (District 3 in these games)- Escaped a collapsing building. She decided to ally with JJJ Schmidt after saving him from the rubble. After many days of nothingness, mutts brought the tributes together. This resulted in JJJ's death. Upset, Cerulean flung her knife and accidentally hit Scarlet Rose. She barely escaped an attack at the feast by Zara Lancaster. JJJ's mutt attacked her and she was saved by Xavier Domi. The next day, she was stabbed by Tristan James.'s 700th Hunger Games: 11th/24- Joined Careers. Killed in attack by D10 pair.

Tiger Lily29's Jurassic Games: 17th/24- Joined the Careers and accidentally hit district partner Edmund Storm with a spear. She died after being poisoned by Celeste Ryder.

Leshawna333's 39th Hunger Games:

TeenageDream19's 1st Draft Games:

XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX's First Hunger Games:

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