Cherry Fantius is the female tribute from District 7 created by Porrim Maryam.


Name: Cherry Fantius

Age: 16

District: 7

Gender: Female

Weapons: Axe, Battle Axe

Strengths: Running, Combat

Weaknesses: Swimming

Fears: Being left alone

Token: Her dogs collar

Allies: No one

Backstory: Cherry was born to Martha and James Fantius. She had one brother name Luke. When she was seven her Mother died when she was murdered by her father. Cherry she watched him torture her because she was there also. Once her father killed Martha, James saw Cherry. Her chased her all over the house until Luke who was thirteen at the time called nearby peacekeepers and they killed James. Luke and Cherry all lived by themselves in a new house. Luke had to take terease to keep them alive. Luke never had been reaped so he was fine. Cherry survived three years without being reaped but when she was 16 she wasn't so lucky

Personality: Quiet, Once you get to know her she cant shut up

Height: 5'7

Bloodbath Strategy: Run and hide and come back later

Games Strategy: Be alone and at the end pair up


Cherry was the first tribute I have ever made. And she needs regegnition. I made her back when I first started going on The Hunger Games Wiki although she has entered games those games she has entered have never finished so she is currently not finished but she will be soon <3

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