D8 Chloe Leventis

Chloe Leventis is a tribute created by Beetee19. She lives in District Eight, and her district partner is George Bernina or Dexter Howe.


District: 8

Age: 16

Weapon: Knives

Strengths: Chloe is intelligent and good with a knife. She knows how others think and may try to draw them into a trap (if it's good enough, the Careers.)

Weaknesses: She isn't all that strong when compared to others and doesn't know how to swim.

Personality: Chloe is kind and a little shy. She is a sort of amateur psychologist, as she seems to know what others are thinking. She cares more for the mind than for physical appearance.

Strategy: Find a trustworthy ally and move around the arena. If she feels confident enough, set a trap to take out the Careers or another large alliance. Stay under the radar and close to a water source.

Token: Bracelet from her mother

History: For the most part, Chloe enjoys her life back in District Eight. Though not many people truly know her, she is fairly well-liked. The 'popular' girls in Chloe's school have something against her; they offered her to join their clique because they believed she could be beautiful if she just made more of an effort. Chloe stood up to them, rejecting the offer and returning to her friend Kayla Kenmore, who praised her for her loyalty and bravery. Every so often, the clique still makes her life torture, but she puts up with it well. Chloe was reaped.


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