Personal Facts

Clarisse Shine is a tribute made by Akuhano. She resides in District 1, and will do anything to win the H
Clarisse Shine

Clarisse Shine

unger Games for fame and glory of her own.

Clarisse Shine

Age: 17

District: 1

History: She started training for the Hunger Games ever since her father came back from his. She loves to train, and has worked with every weapon she has ever laid her hands on. He father spars with her daily, and helps keep her in shape. She has a fragile little sister that she loves, and wants to win the games for her.

Skills: She is proficient in all weapons, but prefers knives and daggers, and is a fast runner. She can run long distances at a steady pace, but if she sprints, she tires quickly. She knows her plants, and how to distinguish poisonous from not.

Weaknesses: She is a horrible swimmer, having never practiced it before. She also cannot tie knots, no matter how hard she tries. Clarisse often acts before she thinks, and so, makes bad choices

Token: A small gold band that fits around her ring finger.

Personality: She is hostile to people she doesn't know, but to people she does know, they find that she actually has a softer side. However, she is quick to anger.

Strategy: She will ally with the Careers, but will leave at any time that betrayal is hinted at.

Appearance: She is average height (5'4), and weighs around 130. She is well toned, and has long, flowing blonde hair and green eyes, and also has natural curves.


Rockman's Quarter Quell (Placement: 1st)

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