Colbie Cain

Colbie Cain is a tribute owned by Clove1001. She is my 2nd victor!!


Age: 13, almost 14.

District: 1

Skills: Knife, daggers, bow/arrows, running, climbing, singing.

Weakness: Can't swim or use most weapons, gets headaches, allergic to some grasses and weeds.

Strategy: Get something close from the Cornucopia and run, find somebody to ally with.

Personality: Caring, nice, a little defensive, friendly.

History: She lives in the wealthier part of District 1 with her mother, 2 older brothers named Talon (17) and Forest (15), and 3 older sisters, L'Anne (16), Year (17) and Esper (14) . Her best friend's name is Ryalence. She has always had neutral feelings about the hunger games. She was reaped.

Token: Silver chain link bracelet.

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