Colbie Sparks is a female tribute that resides in District 3 owned by HeavyRotation.
Lily Oshiro


Age: 12

Gender: Girl

Weapon: Fire, matches

Skills: Lighting things on fire, playing with matches, flying things.

Weaknesses: Cooking (overburns everything), practically every other weapon.

Personality: She's kind of.... strange..... and weird.... and awkward to talk to. Every time she goes around, *awkward silence*. She likes to kill people with fire. x3

History: Colbie's parents died in a fire accident. Instead of mourning, she liked how the fire burned and then decided to try making fires. After that, she started making little mini fires that would burn burn burn. She eventually burned down her whole house and lived behind a brick wall. One time she set fire to an explosive factory, but for some reason no one died. She was sad. She volunteered just to set everything on fire in the arena.

Strategy: Find something to light a fire. LIGHT EVERYTHING ON FIRE. |:3

Quote: "I'm bored, can I set something on fire now?"

Token: A pencil to start the fire.

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