Courtney Thorna

Courtney Thorna

District: 2

District Partner: Brass Sater or George Gold or Dare Ward

Age: 17

Weapons: Wielding a knife, her looks.

Skills: Seduction, Courtney is a irresistable temptress, wielding a knife, she's smart, good at lieing, fast, good climber, can swim. She can set snares and traps to catch tributes. She can also tell which plants and animals are edible.

Strategy: Career pack, seduce one of the guys to let him do all the work for her. Act provocative during the interviews. Be carefull when hunting for tributes so she doesn't get tricked. Don't led the Careers. Make her boyfriend be so in love with her that he'll even kill himself for her. After he dies, get a new boyfriend or just stay single.

Token: None

Weaknesses: Not used to being hungry, kind of a diva, spoilied, always worried about how she looks.

Quote: None

Personality: Diva, spoilied, bossy, bratty, but good at lieing and is nice to people she likes. She is also really mean to "uncool people" and people she hates.

History: Born into a wealthy family in 2, she has one little sister who she hates because she gets some make up and clothes that she could be getting. She's the meanest girl at school and has two best friends named Michele and Hannah who both secretly hate her. She's had mutliple boyfriends who she borke their hearts. She's had a little bit of Career training but not much of that time was spent with weapons, therefore she can only use a knife.

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