De'Nada Dreader







Choice Weapon

Bow and Arrow

Best Ranking

Average Training Score

De'Nada Dreader is a tribute owned by Kenzen11. She is from District Five. Her district partner is Ashes Mackay.


  • Skills:Plant Knowledge, Bow and Arrow, Marksman, Knife, Sword, Axe
  • Weapons:Axe, Bow and Arrow, Knife, Sword, Poison
  • Strategy:Careers, stay with careers until they decide to kill their own, poison them at night, Hide until pushed out by Game Makers
  • Weaknesses:Overconfident, Lazy, Holds a grudge, Gets attached to friends
  • Token:A Chinese Fan
  • Volunteered or Reaped:Reaped
  • History: De'Nada grew up on the edge of District Five, as she grew she felt like an outcast. De'Nada started to get beat up a a year before she turned twelve so she started training to become stronger and more agile. As she trained she began to strike fear into others. She began to act mean on purpose. Though she envies people with freinds she just can't make any because of her reputation. She feels like her single mother could care less about her and has just started to care less. She was reaped after she broke the law though she knows it was rigged but could car less as she has training.


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