Personal Facts

Deegan Crowley is a tribute made by Akuhano. He resides in District 13, and will do anything to win.

Deegan Crowley

Age: 14, but looks like he’s 16.

District: 13

History: He has trained all of his life for the Hunger Games. Although people from District 13 usually do not train for the Games, he is anomaly. Once, during training, he killed his own father, just to show he can kill without any qualms.

Skills: Fast runner, due to training in District 13 for a long period of time. He knows how to use many weapons, such as the sword, the bow, and the spear. Although he knows how to use them, he is far better with farther ranged weapons. He isn't good with the sword or the spear, nor the dagger. He is average at throwing knives, and is extremely good at seducing women with Greek poetry. He also knows how to manipulate plants into poisons.

Weaknesses: He is often being a douche, without knowing it, and is insensitive to other people. He is extremely cocky, and will do anything to win the Games, even betray his own allies, which gets him into trouble quite often. He cannot climb, and easily stands out in a crowd. He has a fear of large masses of water, but has slowly come to conquer that fear, but still cannot stay around one for a long period of time.

Token: A pen that separates into many pieces.

Personality: He can easily seduce people, but extremely insensitive to people’s feelings. He acts like a douche, but often tries to make up for it for apologizing, to win people over to his side.

Strategy: He plans to make many allies, and then backstab all of them eventually, with no regrets whatsoever.

Appearance: He has short, brown hair, and sparkling brown eyes. He has the face of an angel, which helps him seduce women. He is around 5’ 10’’ in height, and weighs around 150 pounds.


Rockman's Quarter Quell (Placement: 2nd)

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