Demetria Rye is the female tribute from District 9.
Demetria Rye

Demetria Rye


Age: 13

District: 9

Gender: Female

Weapons: Battleaxe, Axe

Strengths: Running, Climbing

Weaknesses: Trusting

Fears: Spiders

Token: A locket with brother's pic

Allies: Whoever

Backstory: Demetria is very calm and popular at school. She has friends and is doing well in her studies but then her parents died of food poisening so her & her brother had to live n the streets. She is getting an education by a scolarship and is doing well. She doesnt trust anyone except her brother

Personality: She is sweet, kind, and thoughtful

Bloodbath: Run & get backpack from outskirts

Interview Angle: Shy

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