Derek Hofhouse

Derek Hofhouse

Capitol Tribute

District Partner: Mimli Harrison

Age: 13

Weapon: Knife

Skills: Fast runner, can climb trees eaisly because of his light wieght. Will learn how to wield a knife during training and to identify non-toxic plants. He will also get lots of sponsers because he's from the Capitol.

Startegy: Just grab what is just around him at the cornucopia then flee. Hide the whole games, cahnge camp every day. Be extremly careful around other tributes. Forge with extreme caution. If he mets another TRUSTWORTHY tribute, ally with them. Kill only when nessicary.

Token: His scarf shown in lunaii above.

Weaknesses: Not very strong, not used to being hungry, can't hide very well because of his appearence, cowardly and can't swim.

Quote: none

History: Born into a family that lived one of the "choice appartments" in City Circle of the capitol. He goes to a private school were he has many friends. He never liked the Hunger Games and felt bad for the District kids, although he never dared say something like that outloud. He also gave part of his allowance to a Captiol charity dedicated to donating food, medicne and blankets to the poor District children.

Personality: Shy, quiet, cowardly, wimpy, smart.

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