District: 3
DEstiny Bow

Destiny Bow

District Partner: Gauge Down or Volt Down

Weapon: Spear

nd small hatchetSkills: She's extremly fast, the fastest in her entire school and has set records for her running, this allows her to be hard to catch by other tributes. She can handle light weight weapons as well. She's good at climbing trees and can get pretty high up because of her light weight, making her even more impossible to catch.

Strategy: She knows she's a weaker player so she'll skip the cornucopia completly and try to find Gauge to ally with. Avoid other tributes, espically the Careers and don't risk going to a feast unless an ally is seriously wounded and in need of medical supplies. If District Partner is Volt: Destiny is smart so she'll catch Volt's dumb act pretty quick and avoid him completly.

Token: Dried flower, reminds her of her mother.

Weaknesses: Weak. She's not good at hand-to-hand. Easily scared and would rather flee then fight.

Quote: "Let's get out'a here!"

Personality: Sweet, kind, a little stubborn at times, easily scared by other tributes, espacily Careers and such.

History: Her parents died when she was very young and she was sent to an orphanage. She saw how mean the biggger kids could be and grew scared of any kid that was bigger then her (Which mkaes it seem werid that she's not bothered by the fact Gauge is taller then her...). She is friends with Gauge though, only because he's really nice.


Ruerose's 1st Hunger Games

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