D8 Dexter Howe

Dexter Howe is a tribute created by Beetee19. He lives in District Eight, and his district partner is Chloe Leventis or Kayla Kenmore.


District: 8

Age: 14

Weapon: Knife

Strengths: Dexter can climb and hide very well. He's also a great analytical thinker and will attempt to go over all possible outcomes and consequences of important decisions before he makes them.

Weaknesses: Dexter has zero experience in hand-to-hand combat and is actually quite scared of what the Capitol will try to do to him (see History.)

Personality: Dexter's always been a kind of quiet and serious boy. Nobody truly knows him very well. He's also very curious about how stuff works, which has led to him becoming a great thinker.

Strategy: Think stuff over and make careful decisions. Stay on the run. Hide if necessary and don't go near the Careers.

Token: None

History: Dexter is pretty normal, except for one incident when he was about 11. He may have accidentally flipped the wrong switch out of curiosity, which may have led to a buildup of toxic gas inside a factory, which may have led to medical issues and a decrease in production, which may have led to the Capitol being seriously pissed. Well...the Capitol can hold a grudge for a long time. He knows what he's up against coming in and is prepared to fight it, no matter how scared he is or how low the odds are.


TBWTPT's 625th Hunger Games: 12th/32- Scores the lowest in training and escapes the bloodbath with nothing, but finds a bag washed up on the shore. He later finds a boat and takes it to a safe island. He waits out the battles on the mainland but is killed by a tidal wave.

YoungGuy5's Selection Games:

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