Digit Twek

This tribute is owned by MoviePopcorn123. He is my other triubte from district 3. He use to be partners with Micy Cumput but is now with Sparky Dividen.



Apperence: Brown hair, and brown eyes. Ashy skin and not very tall.

Personality: Twichy always fiddling around with something, like he cant stop his hands. Very kind and generous after you meet him though.

Skills: Building, incredably smart.

Weakness; Not very strong

Stratagey: Don't ally stay hidden. Out smart the compotistion.

History: Only has an younger brother and his parents. His older sister died in the games at the age, of 14 like Digit. His family is now petrified of losing his younger brother and so they really want him to win to "break" the tradition.

Token: A photo of his sister


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